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FASC Campaign Leadership

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Campaign Leadership

Members of the Campaign Council 2014 are members of the UIS community who understand the importance of the mission of UIS and are willing to advocate that mission by donating their time and resources to assist in promoting the campaign. They serve as ambassadors for the campaign and work with the Annual Giving staff in the Office of Development to educate fellow employees on the importance of giving.

Council members and Development staff are available to speak about giving to UIS at meetings of any size. Call 206-6058 to schedule a brief presentation for your department today.

Thank you to our 2013 Faculty and Staff Campaign Council members for your service and support this year!

Josiah Alamu
Academic Technology Service Specialist, Information Technology Services

“I invest in UIS because I want to motivate students’ interest in public health professions and help provide affordable education to the disadvantaged individuals.”

Clayton Bellot
Academic Technology Service Specialist, Information Technology Services

“I believe that the investment that I make to UIS makes a difference to the larger community. My wife and I continue to give to WUIS radio because we feel that they are able to directly reach the community with their quality broadcasting.”

Len Bogle
Associate Professor, Educational Leadership

“I invest in UIS because I feel a personal obligation to return something to the organization that has been so good to me.  It is imperative for each of us to do what our conscience and financial situation allows to help the university remain as viable as possible and  in these challenging fiscal times.”

Karen Fagg
Office Support Specialist, Chancellor’s  Office

“I like giving to UIS because we are able to choose specific programs to support that may have a personal interest. We are all here for one reason: the students. All donations, big or small, truly impact their lives. I am very excited to be part of the 2014 Faculty and Staff Campaign Council!”

Dyanne Ferk
Associate Dean and Associate Professor, College of Business and Management

“I give to UIS because of a strong belief in the benefits of education to individuals and society.  I am able to witness first-hand great things happening at UIS and the impact of my donation on individuals and the university.  I especially like how I can choose particular programs at UIS to support.   As government pulls back in funding for education, I want to help make a difference and in particular make a difference at UIS.”

Jackie Gillock
Associate Director of Budget and Financial Analysis, Academic Affairs

“I invest in UIS because I see great things coming out of all the different programs we offer our staff and students.  I make donations to these areas to help out, as I too was once a student and needed that additional help.  I also feel that it just makes it a better place to work by paying it forward.”

Janelle GurnseyMultimedia Communications Specialist, Brookens Library

“I decided to volunteer for the Faculty And Staff Campaign Council for two reasons: First, I wanted to help represent Brookens Library, where I work. The Library is such an integral part of the University and provides all of its resources and services at no cost to faculty or staff.  Second, I recognized the important role that giving plays on this campus. The University of Illinois Springfield is an exceptional place, not only for students, but for all the individuals it employs. I want to help keep the University thriving and growing and serving on the FASC Council is one small way I’m able to give my time to that cause.”

James Hall
Hanson Professional Services Faculty Scholar
Associate Professor–Emeritus

“Invest in UIS? For those of us who live and work here, we know that UIS is Springfield’s hidden jewel. UIS is all about quality, service and outreach. UIS is an institution that brings Illinois and the world to our campus through our campus/online programs and our International enrollments. UIS also has a strong alumni base that connects with the greater Springfield community. You can choose from many options on how to contribute. As both a student and a faculty member, I know UIS does make a difference. Why give? Why not?”

Mike Lemke
Professor, Biology
Director, Therkildsen Field Station at Emiquon

Why do I invest in UIS? I invest in UIS because of the past. As a faculty member, I learned from colleagues who have walked where  I now walk. I have become a better teacher and scholar because of them, because of their awareness and because of their wisdom.

I invest in UIS for the present. There are unique initiatives headed by talented individuals that not only teach students the importance of current issues, but also define central Illinois as a place. These educational initiatives have epistemological, economic and social value –  to not support these efforts could be devastating; it would be like having something precious and losing it in your own backyard.

I invest in UIS for the future. If science, art, and all the disciplines that make a university are not supported, they will simply go away. Investment now, in a thought, a person, an idea, or a program with great promise, will yield riches that will echo through our tomorrows.

That’s why invest in UIS. I hope you will too.

Tisha Palmer
Administrative Aide, Student Affairs

“I invest not only financially but time to UIS because of our students. Our main goal at UIS is to put students first therefore giving to scholarships and athletic programs makes me feel like I am making an impact on their lives. Volunteering during the Faculty/Staff campaign gives me the opportunity to encourage coworkers on how important their donation mean to our students.”

Chrisa Potthast-Leezer
Disability Specialist, Office of Disability Services

“I invest in UIS because I see the financial struggles students go through to stay in school. A small contribution can go a long way. My investment also provides more programs and educational opportunity to UIS students.  When you invest at UIS you are investing in our future leaders.”

Barbara Selvaggio
Program Coordinator, Computer Science, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

“I am a UIS alumna. I earned my degree later in life, as a non-traditional on campus student. Having experienced the excellence of UIS faculty, their dedication to teaching and learning, and their commitment to our students, I want UIS to remain whole and strong, providing opportunities for future generations and continuing to serve the communities of the world. As an employee, I believe the best way to show prospective donors, foundations, and corporations that we need and deserve their support is to show them we, as employees, know this to be true. This is why I invest in UIS.”

Larry Shiner
Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, History, Visual Arts, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

“I invest in US because it has invested in me by giving me the chance to teach and do research in a lively and innovative environment alongside excellent colleagues who value teaching and student involvement in learning as much as I do.”

Aaron Shures
Associate Provost/Director of Budget & Financial Analysis, Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs

“Shawn and I invest in UIS because we can see the results every day in the faces of our students. We see the positive impact UIS has on our students. We see the impact our students have on the campus, the Springfield Community and literally the world. UIS students make a difference every day and many of the opportunities they have simply would not be available without private support. Contributions from Faculty and Staff are critical to keep UIS, and our students, moving forward.”

Randy Williams
Food Service Administrator

“Perhaps I’m not the largest donor of my time or dollars, but I always feel my contributions count.  Whatever the reason, students to the University of Illinois Springfield have all been touched by what has been given them.  UIS  is a place of extraordinary achievements! It’s a place where we come together, share ideas and create a better future for ourselves and others.  Tuition alone does not cover the cost of education, even when combined with state support. Private dollars and personal time from staff, alumni, and friends are vital to help provide faculty, staff and students with the resources they need to achieve.”