Admission Requirements

University Requirements

The University requires all students to complete a minimum of 10 semester hours of University Requirements in the areas of:

  • Global Awareness (3 credits),
  • U.S. Communities (3 credits),
  • Speakers Series (1 credit),
  • Engagement Experience (3 credits) and
  • ECCE Elective (3 credits)

Applied Study Term Requirement (AST)

The Criminal Justice Department requires that all majors complete a six (6) hour Applied Study Term (AST), which satisfies the Engagement Experience and the ECCE elective.

Download a copy of the Project Outline Form.

Communications Skills Requirement

In accordance with UIS policy, all Criminal Justice majors are required to complete assignments to assess reading and writing skills during their first semester. The results of these assignments are made available to students through their advisers, and are used to guide students in planning their schedules and work loads.

Each CRJ major is required to prepare a portfolio of written work to be used for the evaluation of communication skills. The first part of the Communications Skills Portfolio is made up of written work prepared for CRJ 315 and CRJ 345. Final certification of communications skills depends on successful completion of the CRJ Senior Seminar (CRJ 489).

The communication skills demonstrated in the portfolio are assessed by the Department faculty. Students who do not receive preliminary certification on the basis of this portfolio may be required to complete a skill-development program that may include course work for which degree is not granted. For this reason, the portfolio is reviewed as soon as CRJ 315 and CRJ 345 are completed. Written work must meet minimum departmental standards before a student can enroll in the required Senior Seminar class (CRJ 489).