Applied Study Term

The Criminal Justice Department requires that all majors complete a six (6) hour Applied Study Term (AST), which satisfies the Engagement Experience and the ECCE elective.

For students who have not worked in their field of interest, the Applied Study Term is a chance to get valuable experience and to make contacts that may help in finding employment. Students who have completed a lower-division internship should use the UIS AST to gain additional experience or to explore a different interest area. Students who are already employed in their chosen career field can take advantage of the AST requirement to gain new responsibilities or to explore related options. Students may complete an AST in their career workplace, provided they take on new or additional responsibilities or work in a different area from their regular employment.

Students on academic probation or who are only conditionally admitted are not eligible to register for the AST. Applied Study Term placements must be arranged before the semester in which they start. Criminal Justice majors must complete all 300-level required core courses before undertaking the AST. Students should begin by consulting with their adviser, who may refer them to the Applied Study Office or to another faculty member in the Department for more information. The Applied Study Office will assist students with the placement application process. However, the studentís adviser in the Criminal Justice Department must approve the proposed placement.

Once the placement has been arranged and your adviser has signed off on your AST Project Outline, the AST Office will provide the WPI (With Permission of Instructor) needed to register for the credits, and the student can proceed to register. No student is permitted to register for an AST after the class seminars have begun without specific permission from the AST office.

Students may do their AST outside the Springfield area by participating in the online AST seminars. However, the availability is limited in the online seminars so it is important that you plan ahead and request approval with the AST office for participation in an online section of the AST seminars.