Logo Standards

Using our official, standard logos in a uniform manner will result in:

  • a more powerful brand awareness for the university;
  • a differentiation between the university and its peers; and
  • promotion of the university in a steady and compelling way.

Therefore, we ask that colleges, departments, and units refrain from creating their own logos. Competing with the university dome logo and wordmark, dilutes our university brand, confuses our community, and weakens our messages. Certain specific logos have been approved due to the nature of the program or effort. See our Other Logos page for more information and samples of exceptions to the campus logo policy.

University Logo

UIS Dome LogoThe UIS dome logo (adopted in 1995) remains the university’s chief graphic identifier and can be used on all publications, websites, and promotional materials (flags, banners, signs, etc.) where appropriate.

  • The dome logo is to be considered a singular piece of art. It no longer appears with the name “University of Illinois at Springfield” stacked beneath it.
  • The dome logo should never be used adjacent to the official University of Illinois Springfield wordmark, but can appear next to the university’s name, as in a return address. Below are samples of incorrect uses of the dome logo.

Incorrect Uses of the UIS Dome Logo

  • The dome logo should be used “as is”. There should be no manipulation of type size, font, word placement, proportion, etc. Never put any text, graphics or images directly on top or beneath the dome logo.
  • The required amount of surrounding space is built in to the downloadable files on this website.
  • The dome logo, like the UIS wordmark, should appear in black, white, or UIS blue.
  • Student organizations may not use the Dome Logo or the UIS Wordmark on printed material or websites without review and approval by the Creative Services team.
  • The UIS Wordmark or the Dome Logo may not be used by any individual for personal use.
  • Independently designed logos are not allowed.

Download a version of the dome Logo:

For vector or other formats, send an email to creativeservices@uis.edu.

Department/Unit Logo and Wordmark

The UIS department/unit logo and wordmark were approved and adopted in May 2013. The approved logo and wordmark allows the university to strengthen and unify its brand.

  • Independently designed logo and wordmark for departments/units are not approved for any publication use.
  • Any department/unit desiring an official, standard logo and/or wordmark should contact Creative Services. This request for a department/unit logo and/or wordmark constitutes a binding agreement that the original file will not be distorted nor will it be manipulated for type size, font, word placement, rotation, “effects” such as drop shadows/skew/bevel, etc.

Department/Unit Logo and Wordmark Examples

The examples below have been approved as official university department logo and wordmark. If you would like to request a logo and/or wordmark for your department, please send an email to creativeservices@uis.edu.