Color Standards

Primary Colors

The official UIS colors are Blue and White. See below for standard color codes for print and electronic media (websites and other screen-based presentations).


Pantone (PMS): #295
CMYK: C-100, M-57, Y-0, K-40
RGB: R-0, G-51, B-102
Hex: 003366


Pantone (PMS): White
CMYK: C-0, M-0, Y-0, K-0
RGB: R-255, G-255, B-255
Hex: ffffff

Asset Colors

The colors included in the asset palette should be used to add visual interest to university publications. These colors are used in the Brand graphics. They should not be used for the wordmark or legacy dome logo, and should be secondary to the official university colors of Blue and White.


CMYK: C-74, M-95, Y-0, K-0
Hex: 663399



CMYK: C-0, M-100, Y-0, K-0
Hex: ff0099



CMYK: C-100, M-0, Y-0, K-0
Hex: 0099ff



CMYK: C-31, M-1, Y-100, K-0
Hex: bcd331



CMYK: C-0, M-24, Y-94, K-0
Hex: ffcc33

Dark Gray

CMYK: C-64, M-56, Y-55, K-31
Hex: 555555


Light Gray

CMYK: C-0, M-0, Y-0, K-200
Hex: cccccc