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AST 305/501 Prior Learning Portfolio Development (3-4 credit hours)

  • This course teaches students to develop a model experiential learning portfolio which provides a framework for their experiential learning.
  • After successful completion of AST305/501, students may wish to submit additional prior learning portfolios as recommended by their program advisor for up to a total of 16 credit hours.
  • This online course offers extensive feedback to students in preparing the portfolio components and a lively and supportive community of learners.
  • The course is writing-intensive and enhances such academic skills as oral communication, reflective and critical writing, analysis, and evaluation.

Students who are pursuing a Bachelor’s degree should register for AST 305. AST 501 is reserved for graduate students.

How the assessment process works:

  1. The portfolio developed in AST 305 is considered the Final Exam
    for AST 305, and is evaluated and graded by the student’s
    seminar teacher.
  2. After successful completion of AST 305 for four credit hours, additional portfolios may be submitted for up to 12 credit hours. These will be reviewed by a faculty assessor with expertise in the topic area. The faculty assessor makes the final determination of credit for additional portfolios.
  3. A maximum of 16 credit hours can be granted through the CPL process, depending on the student’s academic program. Some programs utilize the CPL program on a wider basis than other majors.