Interview with Ms. Karen Kunz

CPAA Summer 2008 Alumni Newsletter
by Amy Karlicker

Ms. Karen KunzKaren Kunz is a graduate research assistant in the College of Public Affairs and Administration who is looking at the “politics of spending.” She is applying the theories of political science to budgeting issues. Her assignment is to work for UIS professor J.W. Lee, for whom she proofreads and helps with research. Lee’s focus is on organization, motivation and innovation in public administration. While her assignment may seem incongruent with her own research, she is thrilled to have the “amazing and valuable experience” of working for Lee. “I get to learn so much by reading his work,” she said. “It wouldn’t come across my desk otherwise.”

Kunz is slated to defend her dissertation in late June. She will then move to Morgantown, West Virginia, where she will take her first teaching post at West Virginia University. She will teach financial management finance and budget in their public administration program.
In her personal life, Kunz is the vice president of the Daguerreian Society — an association of artists, photographers and collectors who study this earliest form of photography (1839-1850s). Her hope is to develop, through her society, internships with the Smithsonian, Sotheby’s and other art museums or auction houses; ultimately, she would like to teach community arts management that applies her financial and political understandings with her artistic knowledge.