Interview with Dr. Mark Edgar

CPAA Summer 2008 Alumni Newsletter
by Amy Karlicker

Dr. Mark EdgarMark Edgar is a visiting assistant professor (soon- to-be a full-timeassistant professor) in UIS’ public health program. His research looks at the effectiveness and function of programs, policy, personnel and training programs. Specifically, his research assesses the competence of the public health work force. As a result of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, Edgar won a Robert Wood Johnson grant to assess bioterrorism preparedness among public health professionals in Illinois, Michigan and Kansas. Through that research, he learned that there was a set of competencies that public health officials were expected to have but no one had done the validation work to determine if those competencies in fact existed. Out of that came Edgar’s dissertation research, which has further resulted in the Council of Linkages reviewing competencies as a matter of professional regulation. Edgar has carried aspects of this research to UIS: How do the core competencies for public health professionals relate to the course work offered at schools offering a master’s in public health?
Edgar’s past positions include director of assessment and planning at the Illinois Public Health Institute, senior research associate at St. Louis University School of Public Health, researcher at SIU School of Medicine, director of epidemiology at the Adams County Health Department, and adjunct faculty member at UIS and Quincy University. His research has been published in the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice and Public Health Reports and he has made presentations at a number of professional meetings. Edgar received his Ph.D. in Public Health from St. Louis University.