Summer 2008 Alumni Newsletter

People of Note:

Interview with 2 Alumni Council Members
Michelle Gentry-Wiseman BA ’88 PA, MPA ’05 PA is a contract lobbyist for health-related issues. Prior to lobbying, she worked for the Illinois Department of Public Health for 13 years, primarily in positions that dealt with policy and legislation. John Webber MPA ’03 PA is a policy strategist for the Illinois Department of Transportation and an adjunct instructor at UIS for the public affairs program. Prior to his current position, he was a small business owner, a journalist and a policy strategist for Governor Jim Edgar.

The Alumni Council is working to build a network of alumni who want to share their SSU/UIS experiences with current students. “There are lots of people in organizations and associations in [in Springfield],” said Gentry-Wiseman. “We want to get people involved, get people to give back to UIS.”
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Interview with Enviromnental Studies Professor, Dr. Tih-Fen Ting
Dr. Tih-Fen TingDr. Ting’s scholarship at UIS includes “greening” UIS through research, grant writing and collaboration with other units. She has worked with students to conduct waste audits, which have resulted in money to implement changes on campus. Further, she has worked with the UIS landscapers and grounds crews to restore the prairie on the south side of campus. She also advises graduate students who want to apply environmental theory to the UIS campus “laboratory” or to the Emiqon Preserve.
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Interview with Public Health Professor and CPAA Alumni Dr. Mark Edgar
Dr. Mark EdgarDr. Edgar’s research looks at the effectiveness and function of programs, policy, personnel and training programs. Specifically, his research assesses the competence of the public health work force. As a result of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, Edgar won a Robert Wood Johnson grant to assess bioterrorism preparedness among public health professionals in Illinois, Michigan and Kansas.
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Save a Tree!

Upcoming Events

Dr. John IkerdSeptember 29 – Guest Lecture by Dr. John Ikerd Rethinking the Economics of Energy, Climate and Food – Read More

October 9 – Listen to the wit and wisdom of Dr. Kent Redfield, former UIS political studies faculty member, as he talks politics over hors d’oeuvres and a drink at Rock Bottom Brewery in Chicago.

October 15 – Lincoln Legacy Lecture Series, “Abraham Lincoln and Presidential Campaign Politics.”

October 31 – Capitol Steps dig into current headlines to create their own song parodies and skits mixed with their special brand of satirical humor.

November 10 – 14 Sustainability Week at UIS

November 13 – Redfield Scholarship Fundraising Event at Sangamo Club, Springfield

Ted Rall CartoonFebruary 26, 2009
Cartoonist Ted Rall, Search and Destroy. Reception and opening at UIS Art Galley.

March 13, 2009 – Reduced Shakespeare Company, History of the United States Abridged.

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2008 Book Publications:

Unbound Politics by Dr. Richard Gilman-Opalsky
This book is about the public sphere and the various ways it has been theorized as a driving mechanism for social and political change. Public spheres are the places where people come together to actively engage in new ideas and arguments, where collective interests and a collective political will are formed, and where social movements and rebellions get their start. Read More

State and Local Politics: Institutions and Reforms by Dr. Christopher Mooney
Institutions and Reforms is the only text of its kind to dedicate three full chapters to direct democracy, land use policy and morality politics. Throughout the text are boxed features that elaborate on the themes of institutions, comparison and reform. These feature sections provide thought-provoking, concrete examples of the issues at state and local levels so that you can understand how institutions and systems impact people in real-life situations.Read More

The Emergence of Latino Americanos on the Untied States Political Stage: The Case of Illinois, 2007 by Dr. Anthony Sisneros
Cover Image for Sisneros BookThis work analyzes the development of Latino empowerment in Illinois in particular, and the United States more generally. This book is timely, considering significant population shifts in the U.S. which are redefining the minority, plurality, and majority status of Latinos. Read More

Free Press and Democracy Series

Government Accountability and the Free Press: Judith Miller Presentation (video no longer available 07/14)
Government Accountability and the Free Press: Charles Lewis Presentation (video no longer available 07/14)

Redfield and McMillen Scholarships

On October 28, 2007, central Illinois, and the UIS alumni community—especially alumni from the Criminal Justice department—lost an important member of their community. Brian McMillen, an Illinois State trooper, was killed on this day. He was on his way to assist a fellow officer when his squad car was hit by two vehicles, both driven by allegedly drunk drivers. Learn More about the Brian McMillen Scholarship

In honor of Kent Redfield’s retirement, we, along with the Political Science Department and many of Kent’s friends, students, and colleagues, are establishing the Redfield Scholarship annual award based on merit and financial need. As such, this scholarship will bring honor to both Kent and to an outstanding student in the department. Kent always cared so much about giving everyone the chance to learn and engage themselves at UIS—and this certainly included students with financial limitations. Learn More about the Redfield Scholarship

Political Art in the Public Sphere

The Fall 2008 Political Art and the Public Sphere program takes us from the 1908 “Race Riots,” to the Black Panther Party, and finally, to the disenfranchisement of black voters in the 2004 election. In terms of content, the Fall 2008 PAPS program is dedicated to questions of race and class in 20th century American politics.

September 15 – Film: Springfield Had No Shame
October 13 – Film: What We Want, What We Believe
November 10 – Film: American Blackout

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