CPAA Faculty Publishes and Receives National Federal Civil Rights Appointment

CPAA September 2008 Alumni Newsletter

The Case of IlllinoisCollege of Public Affairs and Administration faculty member, Dr. Anthony Sisneros has recently published The Emergence of Latino Americanos on the Untied States Political Stage: The Case of Illinois, 2007, by Mellen Press. The publisher also authorized his son, Tomas, to illustrate the book cover. This work analyzes the development of Latino empowerment in Illinois in particular, and the United States more generally. This book is timely, considering significant population shifts in the U.S. which are redefining the minority, plurality, and majority status of Latinos. Addresses impact on public administration, electoral politics, voting behavior in the Illinois legislature and the U.S. Congress, the new non-remedial affirmative action paradigm, and the role of the non-profit sector relative to Latino empowerment. Dr. Sisneros was also recently appointed to the Illinois Committee of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission where he hopes to place immigration on the agenda of the Civil Rights Commission.

Anthony Sisneros is professor of public administration at the University of Illinois at Springfield