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Depression is a concern that faces millions of Americans. The Counseling Center can help individuals identify and overcome their symptoms of depression. The center has a sizeable collection of brochures on the subject.

Need information? Stop by and see what we have!

In addition to the information and counseling that we provide year-round, we also hold a Depression Screening Day during the fall semester. This gives people the opportunity to determine whether or not they might benefit from seeking further help with depression.

  • The Jed Foundation is the nation’s leading organization working to prevent suicide and promote mental health among college students.
  • “Stories of Depression: Does This Sound Like You?” The National Institute of Mental Health provides an easy-to-read booklet with personal stories of Depression that includes a checklist of symptoms and tips on getting help.
  • Visit the American Psychological Association APA Help Center, Health & Emotional Wellness interest area, to read about how depression can be successfully treated.
  • Check out the self help information on Depression, which includes links explaining the symptoms, ways to cope and how it can be treated located on the Creighton University website.


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