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As a new college student you face many new challenges and pressures.  You might be living on your own for the first time and feeling homesick or adjusting to roommates.  You are adapting to a new schedule and workload and figuring out how you fit in.  We are here to help you make a healthy transition into college life.

The Counseling Center holds a Depression Screening Day during the fall and spring semester. This gives students the opportunity to determine whether or not they might benefit from seeking further help with depression. Counseling can help individuals identify and overcome their symptoms of depression.

The Jed Foundation is the nation’s leading organization working to prevent suicide and promote mental health among college students.

  • Transition Year is an interactive online resource center to help families make a health transition into college life.
  • “Stories of Depression: Does This Sound Like You?” The National Institute of Mental Health provides an easy-to-read booklet with personal stories of Depression that includes a checklist of symptoms and tips on getting help.