Listservs, Rss Feeds, Blogs & Groups

Educating yourself about online or blended learning may seem like a daunting task; keeping up with the technology may seem even more overwhelming. One way to ease yourself into learning about online learning and associated technologies would be to signup for a Listserv, RSS feed, Twitter or Blog so that up-to-date and relevant information is pushed to you; you don’t need to go looking for it.

Listservs, Newsletters & RSS Feeds

  • Ray Schroeder’s Twitter
    Follow the tweets of OTEL/COLRS Director Ray Schroder as he communicates about all things related to online learning.
  • Online Learning Consortium (formerly Sloan-C)
    Join other online educators in accessing Sloan-C View, research and information about online learning.
  • IT Forum
    Sponsored by the Department of Instructional Technology at the University of Georgia. Discussions include theories, research and practices in the field of Instructional Technology.
  • Distance Education Online Symposium
    Pennsylvania State University hosts this list targeted for professionals in the distance education field.
  • SALT
    The Society for Applied Learning Technologyis oriented to professionals whose work requires knowledge and communication in the field of instructional technology.
  • Campus Technology
    For those interested in educational technology you may subscribe to Newsletters (Web 2.0, IT Trends, Smart Classroom), a Twitter or RSS feed.
  • THE Journal
    Technological Horizons in Education (THE) Journal, targeted at those in K-12 who advance the learning process through the use of technology, sponsor several RSS feeds and a Twitter that you could follow.

Blogs/RSS Feeds

  • Online Learning Update
    Over 20,000 sites link to this blog maintained by OTEL/COLRS Director, Ray Schroeder.
  • Educational Technology
    Another blog with a large following maintained by Ray Schroeder.
  • Slate Blog
    Blog sponsored by the Supporting Learning & Technology in Education (Slate)
    Midwest Blackboard Users Group.

Online Groups

  • Slate Yahoo Group
    Founded by the Slate user group.
  • Collaboration Groups
    Sponsored by the Illinois Center for Information Technology Accessibility. For those in higher education interested in accessibility issues with products used by universities and colleges. Groups include Blackboard Accessibility Interest Group, Best Practices for Designing Course Content, Blackboard Design, etc.