Layne Morsch teaches his blended courses using an iPad to control his Keynote presentation.
Dr. Layne Morsch, Assoc. Prof. of Chemistry, teaches a blended courses using an iPad to control his Keynote presentation.

The Center for Online Learning, Research and Service (COLRS) provides support in the areas of faculty development, instructional design, and learning theory as it relates to the use and exploration of technologies to enhance online learning.

When you teach online, not only do students get a chance to learn in a different way, but faculty also experience the power of technology infused pedagogy within a virtual classroom.

What you will find in…

  • Course Design
    This section provides you with the most basic pieces of information about how to start teaching in an online environment.
  • Learning Theories
    Interested in the research supporting online education and the development of an instructionally sound online course? This section provides links to many recent articles.
  • Accessibility Resources
    Learn about everything from the UIS Accessible Syllabus Template to creating accessible documents to captioning and color choices.
  • Communication
    Discussion boards, rubrics, and other communication strategies
  • Teaching Technologies
    There are many technologies that you can use to deliver or enhance an online course. Supported technologies are listed and explained in this area.
  • Assessment and Feedback
    Learn about rubrics, discussion boards, tests, and other assessment tools.
  • Common Tasks in Online Teaching
    This is where you will find detailed instructions for processes such as: How to Copy Blackboard Materials to a New Course, How to Create Video Lectures, and more.