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COLRS Fellow Layne Morsch presents to a class.COLRS Research Center provides leadership for research on online and blended learning at UIS and beyond. It joins faculty and community members from across the institution and the nation in the collaborative pursuit of research which furthers knowledge in the field and improves the quality of online education. In addition, COLRS Research Center identifies and joins educational, institutional, and corporate partners in the support of best practices, emerging technologies, and the effective design of institutional and individual learning.

COLRS Research is a direct result of the leadership and successful development of online learning at the University of Illinois Springfield. It is supported by the UIS Center for Online Learning, Research and Service, and UIS faculty and staff.

Fall 2016 UIS Online Learning Statistics

  • Online majors made up 29.7 % of UIS headcount enrollment (3 in 10).
  • At 1,554, the number of online majors decreased by 65 from Spring 2015 (4.0%).
  • 41.4% of credits were generated in online courses (2 in 5).
  • 68.2% of UIS students took at least one course online (2 in 3).
  • 35.1% were registered only in online courses (>1 in 3).
  • 41.1% of online majors have mailing addresses outside Illinois (>4 of 10).
  • 86.0% of the Illinois students have mailing addresses outside Sangamon county (~6 of 7).
  • Online majors reside in 46 states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia; 75 of 102 counties in
    Illinois; 7 foreign countries.

What you will find in…

  • Mission & Goals – Learn about the Research Center Mission and Goals
  • Faculty Fellows– Get to know our current research fellows and learn how you can apply to participate
  • Publications – View our repository of faculty research
  • Research Resources – Explore the leading peer-reviewed journals for online education and educational technologies; Research resources available at Brookens Library; and the COLRS Research Blog