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Center for Online Learning, Research and Service University of Illinois Springfield

Online Continuing Education: Overview

The Center for Online Learning, Research and Service (COLRS) provides support .

How Online Courses/Workshops Work

What you will find in…

  • Course and Workshop Descriptions
    This section provides you with the most basic pieces of information about how to start teaching in an online environment.
  • Continuing Education at UIS
    Interested in the research supporting online education and the development of an instructionally sound online course? This section provides links to many recent articles.
  • More Information
    There are many technologies that you can use to deliver or enhance an online course. Supported technologies are listed and explained in this area.
  • How To
    This is where you will find detailed instructions for processes such as; How to Create a Podcast, How to Copy Blackboard Materials to a New Course, How to Narrate a PowerPoint Presentation, and many other relevant topics.
  • FAQ
    What are the most commonly asked questions about teaching online at UIS or teaching in a blended environment? Access this section to find out.