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Articulate Software LogoArticulate converts PowerPoint presentations to Flash for online delivery. The software allows instructors to add narration and animation to the presentation prior to the final conversion.

Once Articulate is installed it is accessible within a PowerPoint menu. The menu options enable instructors to add narration to individual slides by importing sound files or recording live narration with a microphone. Once the slides are narrated you can add additional elements to each slide such as animation effects, Flash movies, videos and other web objects.

Articulate also includes interactive objects such as simple quizzing and gaming activities that can be integrated anywhere into a presentation. Instructors can customize color schemes and the navigation controls for the user interface, and they can either setup a presentation to automatically advance or allow the student to move forward in the presentation when ready.

The software is easy to use and intuitive. Faculty can create highly interactive and media rich online lectures by combining PowerPoint animation effects, Flash objects, narration and links to web resources. A streaming server is not necessary in order to deliver the presentation. Nearly all computers have the Flash plug-in installed so there should be fewer issues with students ability to access and run the presentation.

Ideas for Use

  • Create Dynamic Teaching Materials
  • Use for Research Presentations
  • Design Promotional Materials
  • Use for Student Study Skills Support
  • Medium for Professional and Certification Training

How to Access

There are two ways you can access the capabilities of Articulate.

  1. Use Articulate at COLRS Faculty Resource Center (FRC)
    Bring your presentation to the FRC o record audio using Articulate and use the tools within Articulate, such as Quizmaker, Flash Movie or Learning Game to enhance the presentation.
  2. Record the Sound Files – COLRS Staff Will Integrate for You
    Copy the presentation and sound files to a subfolder within your personal eDocs WWW folder and share that subfolder with a COLRS staff. We will access the shared folder and convert the files for you.

Helpful Hints

  • Use Custom Animation instead of Animation Schemes in the presentation.
  • Start each slide with an Entrance Effect which will assist in synchronizing the audio with bullets.
  • Link Narration selected. Linking vs. Embedding Audio
    Linking audio files will allow you to edit narrations in the future. Make sure to select Link narrations in from Tools > Record Narration.
    Embedding audio files are saved inside your presentation and are not editable. Any changes will require that you re-record.

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