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Narrate Powerpoint Lectures

Narrated lectures can be a good tool to deliver course content to your students.

Chunk Your Content
We recommend that you “chunk” your lectures into smaller manageable pieces no longer than 15 minutes. Chunking accomplishes two things for you. First, by breaking the lectures into brief topics, the likelihood of being able reuse a lecture in another course increases. ┬áSecond, when it comes to time update lectures, it is much easier to update 10 minutes than 47. Third, it is easier for your students to find time to sit and concentrate for 10-15 minutes.

Write a Script
Remember to write a script for your lectures. It will help keep you from using verbal fillers, but more importantly, the script gives an alternative content piece to present to students who cannot hear your lecture and for visually impaired students who cannot access the Flash player.

Use Images & Visual Explanations
Narrated PowerPoint lectures give you the opportunity to present your materials in a visual way, and can help you reach students who are visual learners. Try to include images that enhance your lecture. Replace text descriptions with visual representations of your topic — flow charts, graphs, diagrams, photographs, artwork, maps. Visuals will add value to your lecture and help to keep you from reading every word on your slide — something that students could easily do for themselves.

Narrate Lectures with Articulate

Narrate Lectures with Camtasia Relay