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Use a Gold Blackboard Course Site

Gold Blackboard Course Sites

A Gold Course is:

  • Special type of Blackboard course site
  • Named “GOLD – Name of your course”
  • Identified with a “999″ prefix
  • Never deleted
  • Backed up daily

How do I use a Gold Course?

  • Develop and update your course content
    Editing your content in a Gold Course rather than teaching sites preserves your student’s work in case of grade challenges.
  • Students never enrolled
    Gold Courses are clean versions of your course that are never taught from
  • Copying content into the empty Blackboard course sites created for you each semester
    Hint: Make your content unavailable (hidden from students) in your Gold Course. When you copy to your course shells (empty Blackboard site for the semester), you simply have to release it.

How do I get a Gold course?

  • Email COLRS to request the creation of a Gold Course. Let us know:
    • The semester, name, department, course number of the course (Spring 2010 CHE 301 or Fall 2008 ART 441)
    • If you taught more than one section of that course during that semester, please tell us the course reference number as well.
  • One Gold Course may be requested for each course format you teach: 8-week, 16-week, online, blended, on ground