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Teaching Online with Blackboard

Making Your Course Unavailable | Automatic Course Announcement
Copying Your Bb Course | Migrate eDocs Bridge Links in Blackboad

Two or More Sections in One Bb Site | Tutorial or Graduate Project |
Not Listed as Instructor in the Course Schedule | Requesting Bb Course for Other Uses | Copying from Another Instructor

Making your Blackboard Site Unavailable to Students

  1. Go to the Control Panel of your Blackboard Course.
  2. Click the chevron to extend Customization, click Properties.
  3. Under option 3 Set Course Availability.
  4. Select No and click Submit.


Automatic Announcement

The following Announcement is automatically generated within a course when it is created.

This is an automatically generated course site.  The faculty member assigned to teach this course may or may not choose to use the site.  Also, content within this site may or may not be ready for student use at this time.

Please follow the instructions for the use of this site provided to you by the faculty member teaching this course.  For online courses, you should receive communication from the faculty member in the form of a letter and/or email.  You should receive this communication just prior to or shortly after the semester starts.  For on campus and blended courses, please attend the first class session to obtain faculty instructions.

Should you have questions about the use of this site, please contact the faculty member assigned to this course.  If no faculty member is assigned, please contact the department offering the course.

Wishing you much success in your studies at UIS.
Blackboard Administrators


Blackboard Copy Process

Copying your Blackboard site is a two-step process. Copy your Blackboard course materials, and then migrate your eDocs bridge links.

Copying Blackboard Materials

Watch a demonstration of how to copy your course materials (requires Flash Player).

  1. Go to the GOLD course that contains the items you want to copy.
  2. Scroll down to Control Panel.
  3. Click the chevron to expand Packages and Utilities
  4. Click Course Copy.
  5. Under Select Copy Type: Choose Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course.
  6. Click the Browse (opens a new window).
  7. Click to Select next to the empty course shell (102 prefix).
  8. Under Select Course Materials, check the boxes for each course area and tool to be copied to the empty course shell.
    You must select at least one of the options for the copy process to be completed.
  • Check “Adaptive Release” if you have any content with date restrictions (i.e., “Display After” or “Display Until”). If you do not copy adaptive release settings, then items and tests with these properties will not copy properly.
  1. Do NOT check the box to copy E-Reserves unless you have contacted Brookens Library at 217-206-6633.
  2. NEVER check the box to copy Enrollments!
    This option will place students from previous semesters in your current course. If you accidentally check this option, please contact COLRS at 217-206-7317 or by email.
  3. Click Submit to send your copy request.
  4. You will receive an email once the Blackboard server has processed your request. After you receive this email, you can begin editing your course.


Migrate eDocs Bridge Links in Blackboard

If you use eDocs Bridge Links in Blackboard and have copied your course content from a previous course or a gold course, you will need to “migrate” them so that current students will be able to access the content.

  1. Log in to Blackboard, and enter your course.
  2. Under Control Panel, click on Course Tools > eDocs Link Migrator.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Your links will now work for your new group of students.


Special Cases

  • Enrolling two or more course sections in one Blackboard site
    If you are teaching two or more sections of the same course and would like both sections enrolled in a single Blackboard course site, please contact COLRS at 206-7317 or by email.
  • Teaching a tutorial or graduate project
    Blackboard course sites are not automatically created for tutorials or graduate projects. If you would like a Blackboard for one-on-one work with a student, please contact COLRS at 206-7317 or by email. You will need to know the department, course number and course reference number (CRN) for the course, as they are not listed on the public course schedule.
  • Not listed as the instructor in the course schedule
    If you are not listed as the instructor of your course section in the course schedule, you will not have access to your Blackboard course site. Please contact your program secretary or online coordinator to be listed as the instructor in the course schedule. If your secretary or coordinator can verify that you will be teaching the section, please have them contact COLRS to enroll you as the instructor.
  • Requesting Blackboard course sites for other uses
    If you need a site for development, committee work, or other purposes, please contact COLRS at 206-7317 or by email.
  • Copying content from another instructor’s course site
    If you are a new instructor and need to have materials copied from another instructor’s course site, you will need to have instructor permissions in both sites. Please contact your department chair and/or the previous instructor for permissions. Once you have instructor-level access to the course site, you may copy the materials into your empty Blackboard course site.