Current COLRS Grants, Contracts and Partnerships

COLRS pursues grants and partnerships to further learning, research, and service in online education.

Elluminate, Inc. and Sloan-C

  • Elluminate Research Grant

Illinois Department of Public Health

  • Brothers and Sisters United Against AIDS/HIV (BASUAH)
  • Safe Chemicals in Schools
    $5,500 (pending)

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

  • New Century Learning Consortium (NCLC)
    $40,000 (current) and $125,000 (pending)
  • Blended Learning Initiative
    $33,000 (OTEL portion)
  • Sloan Foundation Restrospective – History in Online Education
    $50,000 (pending)

Illinois Department of Transportation

  • Online Training
    up to $100,000 (pending)

University of Southern Maine

  • Visiting Scholar Appointment

MacArthur Foundation

  • Semester without End
    $30,000 (pending)

Illinois State Library

  • Libraries 2.0
    $27,000 (pending)

Teaching without Compensation

  • Ray Schroeder teaching a second section of CSC 442 without compensation (Spring 2009).

Pursuing Center Workshops

  • Data-Driven Decision-Making
  • Optimizing Online Learning in a Recession