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What Other Students Say

Do you wonder what actual students have said about learning in our college?

The following are testimonials by some of the students who have Math students have fun, too!pursued their education within CLAS programs:

Paris Ervin, news reporter for WICS-TV Springfield, on how experiential learning boosted her B.A. in Communication:

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a reporter. UIS gave me the opportunity to work at a television station while still in school and that made all the difference. Having a degree is one thing, but to have a degree and job experience to to along with it gives you an edge.”


Christie A. Caceres, chemist at Prairie Analytical Systems, Inc., on the value of her B.A. in Chemistry:

“The Chemistry program at UIS gave me the confidence and knowledge to achieve gainful employment in the chemistry field at Prairie Analytical. I was able to advance in the company as well, thanks to the good laboratory practice and basic analytical skills that I learned.”

Maureen Skube, writing instructor, on how her English degree changed her perspective:

“Completing my English B.A. at UIS has allowed me to gain skills and courage to reach for goals I once beleived were beyond me. My professors nurtured my work with positive suggestions and compassionate guidance. Entering the English Master’s program [felt] more like a natural transition than the impossible dream I once thought.”


Dr. Rita Kelnhoffer-Trammell, research assistant professor at SIU School of Medicine, on how she was able to build a solid foundation for her education on her Clinical Laboratory Sciences degree:

“In my current position in the Department of Surgery, I conduct independent research projects as well as mentor the research projects of orthopedic residents. The CLS program provided me with the solid background I needed to successfully complete my Ph.D. and conduct independent research.”


Suzy Woods, Legislative Liason for Phil Milsk Associates, on how the Liberal Studies program helped her create a specialized degree:

“As an older student who had been away from school for several years, I needed a program that fit where I was in my life. I was able to take courses—some in the classroom and some online—that enabled me to rely on my life experience and to design a program that fit my educational needs. The professors associated with the program are determined to do whatever it takes to help the student succeed.”


Laura E. Johnson, Lois F. McNeil Fellow in Early American Culture at the Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library, on her interaction with professors during her M.A. in History:

“The professors take their commitment to teaching seriously, providing the challenges in the classroom while maintaining strong personal connections with their students. From interning at the Illinois State Museum to working as a graduate assistant, UIS helped me craft an experience that capitalized on its ample opportunities. With the faculty’s assistance and encouragement, I entered as one of ten students in the highly competitive Winterthur Program in Early American Culture. My admission to a Ph.D. program in the fall of 2004 is a direct result of their continued support.”


Cheryl Howard, Executive Director for the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence, on her ability to forge her own course of study with an M.A. in Individual Option:

“I worked in my field for many years and wanted my degree to enhance my professional knowledge and qualifications. The INO program allowed me to design a degree from courses offered through Criminal Justice, Women’s Studies, and Independent Studies. The faculty gave me good advice and had a manual to help walk me through the process. UIS had excellent professors for the courses I chose.”