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Dr. Layne Morsch

Dr. Morsch from the Chemistry Department

B.S. Chemistry: Minnesota State University Mankato (1991)
Ph.D. Organic: The University of Illinois – Chicago (2001)

I teach the following courses:

CHE 267 Organic Chemistry I
CHE 268 Organic Chemistry I lab
CHE 269 Organic Chemistry II – Check out Organic Chem 2 on iTunes U

CHE 271 Organic Chemistry II lab
CHE 363 ECCE: Energy & the Environment

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Organic Synthesis of Carboxypeptidase B Inhibitors

This work will begin with synthesis of imidazolyl amines which are inhibitors of carboxypeptidase B (CpB), a zinc exopeptidase enzyme. Preliminary data shows that imidazole itself is a weak inhibitor of CpB. I am proposing synthesis of a series of compounds (substituted imidazoles) that will be inhibitors of CpB and should clarify several aspects of CpB binding. Once the inhibitors have been synthesized and characterized, we will analyze their ability to inhibit CpB . The inhibition kinetics experiments will show how effective each inhibitor is by how much it slows reaction of the enzyme with a known substrate. Students working on this project should have one year of organic chemistry with laboratory.

Green Organic Chem

We are also exploring green reactions that can be used in teaching green organic chemistry laboratory principles. We are currently studying organic reactions in aqueous solutions in place of organic solvents and in particular green Wittig and Cope reactions.

Green Aqueous Wittig Reaction: Teaching Green Chemistry in Organic Teaching Laboratories

Layne A. Morsch, Leanne Deak, Dyllan Tiburzi, Harrison Schuster, and Brittney Meyer
J. Chem. Educ., Articles ASAP (As Soon As Publishable)
Publication Date (Web): February 18, 2014 (Communication)
DOI: 10.1021/ed400408k

Tablet Education

I am currently partnering with Perkin Elmer and McGraw-Hill publishers on implementation of the new ChemDraw for iPad app into the organic chemistry classroom.  We have also begun pilot testing ElementsTM cloud-based collaboration platform.

Morsch ChemDraw

Story about the use of Elements from the UIS student newspaper The Journal

Recent presentations include:

ChemDraw for iPad in organic chemistry courses, Morsch, L. and Lewis, M. 2014 American Chemical Society National Meeting, Dallas, TX (March 2014)

Morsch Lewis 2014 ACS Dallas

ElementsTM of Science Education: Joint PerkinElmer and University of Illinois Springfield pilot on collaborative chemistry, Encina, N. and Morsch, L. 2014 American Chemical Society National Meeting, Dallas, TX (March 2014)

Encina Morsch ACS Dallas presentation

Using ChemDraw for iPad and Flick-to-Share to Increase Engagement in Organic Chemistry, Morsch, L. ACS DivChed Committee on Computers in Chemical Education Fall Newsletter (November 2013)

ChemDraw, iPads, and collaboration tools in the classroom: Results of a joint PerkinElmer and McGraw-Hill pilot at the organic chemistry undergraduate level.  Keil, H., Morsch, L., Diller, P. and Smith, R. 2013 American Chemical Society National Meeting, Indianapolis, IN (September 2013)

2013 ACS poster - UIS, Perkin-Elmer and McGraw-Hill Education collaborators on ChemDraw for iPad

2013 ACS poster – UIS, Perkin-Elmer and McGraw-Hill Education collaborators on ChemDraw for iPad

Greening the Wittig and other reactions for the undergraduate organic teaching laboratory, Morsch, L., Tiburzi, D. and Deak, L., 2013 American Chemical Society National Meeting, Indianapolis, IN (September 2013)

Morsch and TIburzi poster

Morsch and TIburzi poster

Using Aqueous Wittig Reactions to Teach Green Organic Chemistry, D. Tiburzi, L. Deak and L.A. Morsch, 2012 Biennial Conference on Chemical Education, State College, Pennsylvania. (August 2012)

Synthesis of Inhibitors of Carboxypeptidase B, L.T. Huynh and L.A. Morsch, 2010 NSF URC Summer Research Symposium, Chicago, IL. (October 2010)

Comparison of scanning probe microscopy hands-on experiments throughout the undergraduate chemistry curriculum, 2010 Biennial Conference on Chemical Education, Detnton, TX. (August 2010)

LFM of Self-Assembled Monolayers Following Nanolithography by Selective Ozonolysis. B. J. McLeod and L.A. Morsch, 2010 UIS Science Research Symposium. (April 2010)


Co-chair UIS StARS (Student Arts & Research Symposium)
Pre-Health Advising Committee
Member Intercollegiate Athletics Committee
Faculty mentor for UIS Chemistry Club