Research in Chemistry

Success after Graduation

One important reason is that it increases students’ chances of success after graduation. Performing research with a faculty member allows students to learn skills and techniques that they may not get a chance to learn in a class.

These added skills and techniques give students valuable hands-on experience that is important to professional schools, graduate programs, and to industry.

Our faculty are active in research and provide several opportunities for students to perform research projects. Faculty and students have presented their research at various regional and national conferences.



The annual UIS StARS (Student Arts and Research Symposium) also offers an excellent opportunity for students to give oral/poster presentations.

Chemistry student presenting at Student Arts and Research Symposiujm

How Do I Get Involved in Research

One of the advantages of getting a chemistry degree from UIS is the requirement to conduct an original research project. This requirement is fulfilled by taking CHE 302, a course based undergraduate research experience or earning three (3) credits of CHE 400 Undergraduate Research. These credits can be earned on campus in a project with one of the Chemistry Department faculty, another faculty member in the Natural Science Division, or in an off-campus research internship, such as those available at the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. The three credits of CHE 400 meet the University requirements for ECCE Engaged Citizenship (the additional credit can be applied toward an ECCE Elective). Contact a Chemistry faculty member to discuss possible projects or to get approval of a research opportunity outside the department, then fill out the CHE 400 application.

Chemistry student presenting research at StARS

Additional Engaged Citizenship credits can be earned in an Applied Study Term (AST) internship. There are local paid AST internships in the sciences. Contact the AST office for the current list of available internships at 217-206-6640

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