Undergraduate Minor in Chemistry

A Chemistry minor can help you in various ways by giving you skills that you may not have the opportunities to learn otherwise.

To earn a minor in Chemistry, students must complete at least 16 credit hours; at least 8 of these credit hours must be Chemistry courses taken at UIS.

Core Courses:

CHE 141 Principles of Chemistry 4 hours
CHE 142 Princicples of Inorganic Chemistry 4 hours
CHE 267 Organic Chemistry I 3 hours
CHE 268 Organic Chemistry I Lab 1 hour
CHE 322 Laboratory Techniques 1 hour

After completing the core courses, a student may elect from the following list of elective courses. You should talk to your adviser before choosing from these classes.


CHE 400 Undergraduate Research 1-4 hours
CHE 480 Special Topics 1-4 hours

Analytical Chemistry

CHE 321 Chemical Analysis 3 hours
CHE 421 Instrumental Analysis 4 hours
CHE 431 Environmental Chemistry 4 hours

Organic and Biochemistry

CHE 269 Organic Chemistry II 3 hours
CHE 271 Organic Chemistry II Lab 1 hour
CHE 415 Biochemistry I 4 hours
CHE 416 Biochemistry II 4 hours
CHE 375 General Biochemistry 3 hours
CHE 436 Medicinal Chemistry 4 hours

Physical and Inorganic Chemistry

CHE 401 Physical Chemistry I 3 hours
CHE 402 Physical Chemistry II 3 hours
CHE 441 Integrated Laboratory 1 hours
CHE 422 Inorganic Chemistry 3 hours