Remarks at Groundbreaking Ceremony for new Classroom/Office Building

UIS Chancellor Richard Ringeisen

Monday, October 28, 2002

Thank you for coming out on this crisp October day for what is certainly a very auspicious occasion for this occasion that we have been eagerly anticipating for some time.

I can't tell you how many times I've walked past this expanse of land and envisioned our new classroom building there. What a tremendous addition it will be to this campus!

It will be the first point of welcome for prospective students, the largest and most technically advanced building we will have, and, without a doubt, the future hub and heart of UIS.

It will contribute further to the formation of a campus quadrangle and the development of more green space, where students can gather and take part in activities, and have a more collegial environment in which to study and socialize.

And, because this building moves us closer to having a more permanent campus, UIS will be able to compete more effectively for students from throughout the state and, indeed the nation. It will certainly help us build our image as a fine public liberal arts and public affairs university.

It is very fitting and pleases me greatly that Governor Ryan and President Stukel and members of our legislative delegation could be with us today...because they have been instrumental in the realization of this dream.

We are grateful to you, Governor Ryan, for making the identification of this building a priority of your administration. Without your strong and effective support and that of our legislative delegation, we would not be gathering here today for this groundbreaking ceremony.

If not for the leadership of President Stukel and his great interest in and support for the development of this campus, we would not be here today.

Speaking on behalf of everyone here at UIS, thank you for helping to brighten the future for this campus, particularly during this grim budgetary time.

We are certainly grateful to have something to celebrate now that will help this campus succeed and have such a positive impact in so many ways.