What Our Students Say

Jennifer Durbin, Principal Illini Central High School & Middle School Mason City, Illinois
Jennifer Durbin, Principal
Illini Central High School & Middle School
Mason City, Illinois

Jennifer Durbin is a recent graduate of the Educational Leadership Department and is now the principal at Illini Central High School and Middle School in Mason City, Illinois.   She got started in the education field by becoming a teacher and then transitioned into an administration profession. Mrs. Durbin is a great example of how the EDL department can help with development of transitioning from a teacher to an administrator.

“Every class had something different to offer me. Specifically, I enjoyed Dr. Turner’s class as he offered us situational learning. Also, he taught us to think of a conflict by 1) What’s the problem 2) How do we fix it and 3) What is in the best interest of the students? Through classes, I have been taught about discipline, curriculum, Danielson framework, and teacher evaluation through the state.”  Read more about Mrs. Durbin (PDF).



Madalyn Barnes
Madalyn Barnes

Madalyn Barnes is a Department of Human Services student in the Child and Family Studies concentration.  She is a Service Coordinator for Early Intervention. Early Intervention is voluntary program for children birth to three with special needs. I enjoy the helping field, it’s a way of life for me. I received my undergraduate degree from UIS in just three years. I also played on the UIS volleyball team, was a resident assistant, worked part time at the UIS Cox Children’s Center, and participated in Resident Housing

“I would advise future students to fully immerse themselves in the UIS experience. Take part in GSPI, volunteer, and many more opportunities help shape your life and career vision. UIS has given me all of these opportunities and many more life lessons that are priceless. I am so thankful for the experience!”  Read more about Madalyn Barnes (PDF).


Chase Brinkley is an outstanding Teacher Education student who presented a project for our annual UIS StARS research syposium in April 2014.

“During my second semester at UIS I was introduced to TEP advisor, Dr. Kahn.  His experience as a teacher and passion for teaching changed my ideas of becoming an educator.success graduate
Read more about Chase Brinkley (PDF).