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What Our Students Say

PrincipalPrincipal Brandi Bruley is a dedicated principal who holds a very strong passion for her career.  When asked how the Department of Educational Leadership at UIS has prepared her for a career as a principal she replied:

“The program is rigorous and the faculty bring in a dynamic group of people to help instruct our educational experience. Also, the faculty provide students with such a variety of opportunities that I didn’t know existed. Finally, the program has offered an immense amount of networking prospects.”

Read more about Brandi Bruley (pdf).


Mindy Peterson-Lindsey is a Department of Human Services Gerontology Concentration student.

“Most people who know me say I am an “old soul.” My compassion and love for helping those who are older than me is rooted in the relationships that I had with my grandparents and has continued throughout my adult life. My work with Extension and specifically Home & Community Education pushed me to see what other opportunities and help I could provide by learning more about the gerontology field, and that passion brought me to the curriculum offerings of the Human Services Department.”

Read more about Mindy Peterson-Lindsey (pdf).


Chase Brinkley is an outstanding Teacher Education student who presented a project for our annual UIS StARS research syposium in April 2014.

“During my second semester at UIS I was introduced to TEP advisor, Dr. Kahn.  His experience as a teacher and passion for teaching changed my ideas of becoming an educator.success graduate

Read more about Chase Brinkley (pdf).