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Departments Points of Pride

Department of Educational Leadership

Congratulations to Dr. Scott Day, IPA Awards SD13Chair of the Department of Educational Leadership.  Dr. Day received the 2013 Abe Lincoln Region Herman Graves Award from the Abe Lincoln Region of the Illinois Principals Association.  The Herman Graves Award was established in 1991 to recognize outstanding service to the IPA.

Educational Leadership Faculty Publications and Presentations

  • Book Chapter-Bogle, L., Day, S., Matthews, D., & Swan, K. (to be released in November 2013), “The Power of a Collaborative, Collegial Approach to Improving Online Teaching and Learning”.  In Shattuck, K. (Ed.) Assuring Quality in Online Education: Practices and Processes at Teaching, Resource, and Program Levels.  Stylus.
  • Book Chapter-Swan, K. (2013). Enhancing e-learning effectiveness. In G. Miller (Ed). Leading the E-Learning Transformation of Distance Education.  Sterling, VA: Stylus Publishing, LLC.
  • Book Chapter-Weissman, N., & Swan, K. (in press). Bringing the librarian talk to online courses: Cognitive, social and teaching presence. In A. Sigal (Ed). Advancing Librarian Education: Technological Innovation and Instructional Design. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.
  • Journal article – Alamu, J., Swan, K., Schroeder, R. (2013). Does the use of online technology improve students’ performance in epidemiology? e-Mentor, 1(48), Retrieved from
  • Journal article- Swan, K., Vahey, P., van ‘t Hooft, M., Kratcoski, A., Rafanan, K., Stanford, T., Yarnall, L., & Cook, D. (2013). Problem-based learning across the curriculum: Exploring the efficacy of a cross curricular application of Preparation for Future Learning. Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-based Learning, 7(1), 91-110.
  • Paper Presentations- Matthews, D., Swan, K., Day, S., & Bogle, L. (2013). A Collaborative, Design-Based Approach to Improving an Online Program.  American Education Research Association (AERA) Conference; San Francisco, CA.
  •  Walker, A., Haverhals, M., Rieber, L. P., & Swan, K. (April, 2013). Instructional design in the age of semiformal, informal, and social learning (panel presentation). San Francisco: Annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association.
  •  Swan, K. (July, 2013). Adult Learners (keynote). Portland, OR. AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) Trainers Meeting.
  •  Phillips, S., Gonzales, J., Kadlec, A. & Swan, K. (July, 2013). e-Learning: Online teaching and learning (featured panel). Stevenson, WA: Association of Public and Land Grant Universities, Council on Academic Affairs, Summer Meeting.
  • Bloemer, B. & Swan, K. (July, 2013).  Uncovering informal blending at the University of Illinois Springfield.  Milwaukee, WI: Sloan-C Blended Learning Conference and Workshop.
  • Swan, K., Shea, P., Sloan, M, & Daston, S. (June, 2013).  Predictive Analytics Reporting (PAR): Student success diagnostic and remediation models (featured panel). Salt Lake City, UT: WCET Leadership Summit.
  • Lownthal, P., Cleveland-Innes, M., Swan, K., & Richardson, J. (June, 2012). Social presence.  Online panel presentation for the Canadian Institute of Distance Education Research (CIDER).  Full presentation availabler at:
  • Accepted Paper Presentation-Swan, K., Day, S., Bogle, L. & Matthews, D. (to be presented in November 2013). Exploring MOOC Pedagogy. 19th Annual Sloan Consortium International Conference on Online Learning, Lake Buena Vista, FL.

Grants –
UIS Co-Principal Investigator (K. Swan), ACE/Gates Foundation, “MOOCs as Game Changers,” $143,000.00, 2013.
UIS Principal Investigator (K. Swan), WCET/Gates Foundation, “Predictive Analytics Reporting (PAR),” $50,000.00, 2011; $100,000.00, 2013-14..

Lead Advisor (K. Swan), Teaching Online program, Epigeum, London, England.

Human Development Counseling Faculty Training, Publications and Presentations

  • Dr. James Klein is the School Counseling Area Coordinator and Admissions Coordinator for the Department of Human Development Counseling.  During the past year, he has delivered four presentations at three professional counseling conferences within the state of Illinois.  He was also an invited speaker at the Annual Educational Conference for the Township Officials of Illinois and the Social-Emotional Learning Retreat for Jacksonville High School.  In addition, Dr. Klein has a co-authored manuscript under review by the Journal of Counseling in Illinois addressing the role of the school counselor in guiding students toward educational and career path opportunities.
  • Ms. Karen Lee is a Visiting Clinical Instructor for the Department of Human Development Counseling.  She served as a co-presenter at the Annual Meeting of the Association for Academic Psychiatry in Nashville in the fall of 2012.  She also received a grant through the SIU/SOM Memory and Aging Clinical Alzheimer’s Support program in conjunction with the Prairie Art Alliance to pilot an art therapy group with early stage Alzheimer’s patients and their caregivers.  Dr. Nithya Karuppaswamy and four HDC Marital, Couple and Family Counseling internship students served as co-facilitators for this extraordinarily powerful and impactful group experience.
  • Dr. Ann McCaughan is a Co-Coordinator for the Community Counseling/Clinical Mental Health Counseling Area of Study and Faculty Advisor for Sigma Sigma Upsilon, the Department’s chapter of the international counseling honor society, Chi Sigma Iota.  Dr. McCaughan delivered two professional presentations at the Western Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (WACES) conference; a presentation at the North Central Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (NCACES) Conference; and a presentation at the Association of Illinois Townships Council on Youth (AITCOY) Annual Conference.  In addition, she has co-authored an article published in the Practitioner-Scholar: Professional Journal of Counseling and Professional Psychology.
  • Dr. Holly Thompson is a Co-Coordinator for the Community Counseling/Clinical Mental Health Counseling Area of Study as well as the Coordinator for Department’s Comprehensive Examination protocol.  Through a summer 2012 scholarly research grant, Dr. Thompson was able to attend a week-long workshop with the critically acclaimed vocalist, conductor, and artist, Bobby McFerrin.  As an extension of this experience, Dr. Thompson is working on a manuscript exploring the ways in which improvisation can be used in teaching counseling skills.  Dr. Thompson also continues to serve as an editorial member for the Journal of International Counseling and Education.
  • Dr. Bill Abler is the Coordinator for the Marital, Couple and Family Counseling (MCFC) area of study, Director of the Department’s Counseling and Therapy Training Center (CTTC), and Department Chair.  Dr. Abler completed the HDC Academic Program Review document and successfully shepherded it through the requisite approvals process within the University system.  Dr. Abler also prepared and submitted an Interim Report to the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP) and submitted a completed book-length manuscript (Goodbye Dad: Reflections of a Middle-Aged Son on the Death of His Father) to multiple prospective publishers for publication consideration.

Human Services Faculty Training, Publications, and Presentations

Dr. Carolyn Peck— Associate Professor Gerontology, Department Chair


  • Dr. Carolyn Peck was invited to present at the 2013 Illinois Department on Aging 2nd Annual Community Care Providers Conference. Her presentation was entitled, Compassion Fatigue and Burnout in Geriatric Care Managers and was held on March 25th and 26th in Springfield Illinois.

Dr. Donna Weinstein

Dr. Weinstein Brings Awareness to Child Abuse

  • On April 5th, faculty, staff, and students gathered at the UIS colonnade to plant a pinwheel garden as part of Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month. The event was coordinated by Dr. Donna Weinstein, Assistant Professor of Human Services in the Child and Family studies concentration and co-sponsored by the Child Advocacy Center Sangamon County. The garden was displayed the entire month of April.

Social Work Faculty Training, Publications, and Presentations

  • Dr. Kay Young McChesney, Assistant Professor of Social Work, accompanied by two undergraduate students, attended the International Consortium for Social Development meetings, July 15-19, 2013, in Kampala, Uganda.  Dr. McChesney presented a paper, “Successful Approaches to Ending Female Genital Cutting: Changing Social Norms One Village at a Time.”  Connie Harter, a Social
    Professor David Stoesz Social Work Program Director

    Professor David Stoesz
    Social Work Program Director

    Work major, did service learning in an AIDS Hospice, and Roni Harter, a Global Studies major, completed a home stay in a remote rural village to study subsistence agriculture.

  • Dr. David Stoesz, Guest Columnist, Springfield State Journal Register, “Illinois Should Prepare to Reinvest in Human Services.” Read More.

Department of Teacher Education

Brian Kahn

Dr. Brian Kahn

This past summer, Dr. Brian Kahn has worked very hard with faculty from the Sociology, Political Science,   Economics, History and Geography fields, as well as secondary teachers of various schools, to better serve students.      Specifically, Dr. Kahn has implemented a rising national initiative to teach students about the integration of all the social sciences using primary sources through the preservation of digitization.

Primary sources are documents that are made while someone experienced an event first hand (ex: authenticate videos of the live 2008 election). All of this hard work is being noticed this fall, as Dr. Kahn was awarded a $20,000 grant from the Library of Congress. Dr. Kahn and his colleagues are already implementing this initiative. For example, in his Methods classes, Dr. Kahn has begun referring and using online primary sources.

This national implementation will help students paint a more accurate and unbiased picture of various historical events. Dr. Kahn mentioned the importance of multicultural awareness, objectification, authenticity, and the provocation of critical thinking when responding to his motivation for the grant.

The Department is very excited about teaching with primary sources and congratulates Dr. Kahn on his efforts. It is predicted that this implementation will be an extraordinary improvement in education. For more information about the progressive movement of using primary sources in education, please go to: for details.