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University of Illinois “Plays” in Peoria

Did you know you can earn a University of Illinois degree in accounting or business administration or an MBA without ever leaving the 2013 All American City-Peoria? 

It’s true because the University of Illinois:

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1953, 1966, 1989,2013

  • Educates in Peoria
  • Networks in Peoria
  • Researches in Peoria
  • Engages in Peoria
  • Collaborates in Peoria
  • “Plays” in Peoria by helping people realize their academic dreams and goals!

The University of Illinois is comprised of three campuses:  Urbana, Chicago, and Springfield.  All three campuses are represented in Peoria:  Springfield – the Peoria Center; Chicago – College of Medicine Peoria; and Urbana – Water Survey and Cooperative Extension.  Peoria really is an All (University of Illinois) city!

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