Gain Self-Awareness

Gain Self- Awareness Stage of Goals Program

Self-Awareness is the initial step in the career decision-making process. If you are not informed about who you are, then how can you expect to make informed decisions based upon your characteristics and attributes?

Welcome to the Gain Self Awareness section

Complete the Gain Self-Awareness Stage to find out about your:

  1. Carrier Barriers (e.g. personal issues, confidence, finances)
  2. Interests (e.g. activities people enjoy)
  3. Personality Type (e.g. introvert, extrovert)
  4. Values (e.g. motivators for work – salary, security,
    prestige, flexible hours)
  5. Skills (e.g. activities people perform well – multi-task, analyze, supervise, counsel)
  6. Employment Preferences (factors people seek in their jobs- opportunities for travel, avoid lifting heavy objects)

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