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Using “What Can You Do With” Career Guides

Frequently Asked Questions about the “What Can You Do With” Career Guides

How do I navigate the Career Guides?

  • Select and view the Guides to access career information related to your interest
  • Navigate the Career Guides by selecting the categories in the Information and Options Section:
    • Related Skills
    • Relevant Career Titles
    • Employers of for each field of study
    • Job Posting Sites
    • Career Planning Links
    • Professional Affiliations

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I don’t see my major/graduate program listed?

  • Each Major and Graduate Program offered at UIS has a Career Guide
  • If you are interested in another field of study, identify similar major available
  • Explore and compare options with a Career Counselor

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I still have questions about linking my field of study to my career. What should I do?

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I researched my major, but still have questions. What else should I do?

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How did you come up with the information for the Career Guides?

  • Each major has been carefully researched and updated by career counselors
  • Information provided is not all-inclusive but a snapshot of possibilities
  • Sources used were FOCUS, US Department of Labor, program curriculum, relevant web sites and professional associations
  • See CDC Disclaimer for additional information

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