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Professional Network

The Professional Network, or “ProNet,” is an online database that University of Illinois Springfield (UIS) students and alumni use to network with and gain career information from alumni and community professionals! Your willingness to share information with UIS students and alumni can play a vital role in their career development by preparing them to become the best and brightest competitors in tomorrow’s job market!


  • Once you have a profile established, students/alumni are then responsible for initiating contact with individuals in the Professional Network, based on your preferred contact methods.
  • Control which networking activities you participate in, based on your ProNet profile!
  • Customize the number of times you are contacted and activate or deactivate your ProNet profile as needed by updating your profile!
  • As part of the Professional Network, you also have the opportunity to network with alumni and community members! Simply click the “Professional Network” tab once you are logged-in to UIS CareerConnect!

What’s Involved

  • As a career resource in the Professional Network, you are not expected to serve as a source for a job, but rather a source of information.
  • Students and alumni may request informational interviewing, resume reviewing, job shadowing, or may simply have a question to ask! Students may have quick questions or may be looking for a longer relationship with a professional in the field.
  • With diverse traditional, non-traditional, and online student populations, you may be asked to network virtually, by e-mail, phone, or in-person!

Register Today

Whether you are an existing employer contact in UIS CareerConnect or are new, you can a register, activate, or modify your Professional Network profile with the following steps.

  1. From the front page of our website, locate the UIS CareerConnect icon.
  2. Click on “Employer.”
  3. Log in/Register.
  4. Click on the “Account” tab.
  5. Click on the “Professional Network” tab.

For More Information:

The Professional Network, part of the UIS CareerConnect system, is available from the UIS Career Development Center’s website. Please contact us at careerservices@uis.edu or (217) 206-6508 if you have any questions or concerns.