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Career Immersion

Students Arrive at the CDC

Students first arrive at the Career Development Center before they all depart to H. D. Smith

Students pose next to H. D. Smith headquarters sign
Students pose next to the H. D. Smith sign after the Career Immersion had ended

What is a Career Immersion?

  • Career Immersions are “career field-trips” to different employer sites
  • During one, students can observe and interact with employers in a real-world of work setting
  • Both Students & Employers receive many benefits from participating in a Career Immersion

For more information, download our Career Immersions Fact Sheet (PDF).

Highlights from Our Last Career Immersion to H. D. Smith

H. D. Smith is the fourth largest national healthcare distributor in the US

  • 6 selected UIS students went on a Career Immersion to H. D. Smith
  • The students were able to explore the different career paths available there
  • They asked questions and heard from the department hiring managers and their staff
  • The students learned about the degrees the employers were seeking in new graduates, the potential career opportunities within their departments, and much, much more.

Future Career Immersion Opportunities

The Career Development Center is excited to host another Career Immersion at a different site at least once each semester, so keep an eye out for fliers, emails, and other notifications about when and where our next Career Immersion will be so that you can apply! Or are you an employer? Then please contact our Career Immersion Coordinator Alanna Cieslek via email or at (217) 206-6508 to see how you can partner up with us for the next one!

Testimonies from the last Career Immersion

“I learned a lot about the company and what they are looking for. I would enjoy participating again at another employer.” – Katherine Shaffer, MBA

“I researched H. D. Smith and came up with questions, I had a great time at the event, and I’m looking forward to applying at H. D. Smith.” –Alyson Knapik, MBA

Timothy Wudiyono, MIS student stated, “Listening to H. D. Smith’s employees and getting tips for careers in my area of interest” was the most significant or memorable aspect of the experience.

When asked, “Did the event meet your expectations and/or did you gain anything from this experience?” Katrina Salvador replied, “Yes, it did! I’m able to take some personal lessons with me while learning more about the company.” –Katrina Salvador, MA of Accountancy

Benefits for Students:

  • Experience first-hand what an organization and its industry is like
  • Connect with employers and gain a clearer understanding of whether that industry is the right fit
  • Instead of only reading and researching about an industry; it gives a more in-depth behind-the-scenes look into a work culture
  • Gain valuable knowledge (required skills, ideal employee characteristics, and tips to succeeding in that field)
  • Presents opportunity to apply what you’ve learned in the classroom
  • Observe appropriate workplace interactions, behaviors, and daily routines
  • Networking; building connections and contacts for future opportunities
  • Expands your industry knowledge
  • Resume builder and a way to find out about potential internship and job opportunities
  • It bridges the gap between what you may think an industry is about to what it actually is about

 Benefits for Employers:

  • Career Immersions are completely customizable and can be tailored to the unique interests and needs of organizations
  • They can be targeted to students in which the participating employers are interested in
  • Allows employers to passively recruit students for internships and full time positions
  • Provides an opportunity for employers to give back to UIS and provide meaningful experiences for students to expand their perspectives on careers, academic majors, and ways to make themselves more marketable.

How We Partner with Employers

  • We provide transportation for students participating in the Career Immersion.
  • We will assist in the development and customization of a Career Immersion to ensure a meaningful experience for both the employer and the students
  • We will market the Career Immersion to students through email alerts, social media, flyers/posters, campus calendars, faculty connections, and student clubs/organizations

Additional Information:

For more information or if you are interested in scheduling a Career Immersion, please contact Alanna Cieslek, our Career Immersion coordinator, at: (217) 206-6508 or acies2@uis.edu

For information regarding Employer Policies or Disclaimer, please visit here.

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