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University of Illinois Springfield

Capital Scholars Honors Program University of Illinois Springfield

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Why Join the Honors Program?

There are plenty of reasons why, but here are just a few benefits that the UIS Capital Honors Program has to offer:

  • Scholarships available for all students admitted to the program (2014-2015 Scholarship Chart)
  • A brand new Laptop Computer
  • Study abroad opportunities
  • A focus on building leadership skills transferable to one’s career
  • A challenging, interdisciplinary and integrated curriculum that
    stresses critical thinking, communication, problem-solving, and research skills
  • Access to research and internship opportunities
  • Opportunities for personal, academic, social, and civic growth
  • Unlimited opportunities to participate in student governance, organizations, clubs
  • The Lincoln Residence Hall – the locus of our living-learning community and one of the newest residence halls in the state