Points of Pride

The Capital Scholars Honors Program offers many great advantages for its students. Among them are:

CAP Students outside


  • A smaller campus guarantees that each student is a person, not a number
  • Faculty instructors are well-recognized in their fields
  • Small classes encourage lively exchange with classmates and faculty
  • Students can interact with faculty on a casual, first-name basis
  • Students live, study, work and play together in a living-learning community – the Lincoln Residence Hall
  • Many develop close relationships that may last a lifetime
  • Students proudly demonstrate diverse interests, cultures, and background


  • Unique courses provide an alternative to the traditional liberal arts educationCSHP Summer Orientation '14
  • Students can choose from a wide variety of majors and minors
  • Honors-level work is an advantage when seeking employment or applying to graduate programs
  • Each major offers great facilities specific to the department
  • A wide selection of minors helps students personalize their degrees



  • On-campus organizations look good on a resume and help students make friends and have funCAP Scavenger Hunt '14
  • Students can intern with state and other local organizations
  • Students have opportunities to get involved with community and political action
  • Study Abroad programs open doors to exciting opportunities in foreign countries
  • Movies, performances, festivals, events—there is always something to do at UIS!


What are CAP Students Doing After Graduation?

Some are going into their respective careers or participating in internships. Some examples of previous student’s after graduation jobs/internships include: