Campus Senate Elections for AY 2016/2017

Campus Senate Election/ Meet the Candidates

 The spring 2017 election will begin on March 20 and conclude at 1:00 p.m. on March 29. Additional information about candidates, if provided, is available by clicking below.  Please direct any inquiries to the  Campus Senate Office, or call 217-206-6664.


College of Business and Management

Ranjan Karri


College of Education and Human Services

No declared candidate


College of Liberal Arts and Science

Kristi Barnwell

Steve Johnson

Chung-wei Lee

Kathy Novak

Ann Strahle

William Wilson


College of Public Affairs and Administration

Anne-Marie Hanson

Lenore Killam

Adam Williams



No vacancy


Candidates running for At-Large positions

Jay Gilliam (PAA)

Anne-Marie Hanson (PAA)

Ranjan Karri (CBM)

Chung-wei Lee (LAS)

Kathy Novak (LAS)

Ann Strahle (LAS)

Adam Williams (PAA)

William Wilson (LAS)