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Resolutions AY 1996 – AY 2000

Last Updated: November 17, 2011 14:40

Resolutions Adopted by Governance

Resolution AY 1999/2000

29-1 Ability to Work (pdf) [X-Ref. Resolution 34-3]
Approved September 24, 1999

29-2 Resolution Creating a Faculty Advisory Committee
Approved August 27, 1999

29-3 Graduate Faculty Membership, Appointment, and Reappointment Process [previously resolution 28-9]

29-4 Resolution to Rename the College of Health and Human Services
Approved August 27, 1999

29-5 Resolution to Change Program Name from Educational Administration (ADE) to Educational Leadership (EDL)
Approved September 24, 1999

29-6 Campus Senate Bylaw Changes – Creation of a Committee on Student Affairs, Committee on Police Review, and Establishing Terms for the Personnel Committee
(deleted – changes to be done separately)

29-7 Faculty Representation on BOT [X-Ref 29-12]
Approved November 5, 1999

29-8 Creation of an Ad-Hoc Committee on Faculty Compensation
(deleted October 22, 1999 – Sent to CP&BC to handle)

29-9 Resolution Rejecting Change to UI Statutes Making Tenure Mandatory for Serving on Faculty Advisory Committee
Approved February 4, 2000

29-10 Proposed Amendments to the UIS Campus Senate Bylaws (merger of Athletics Committee with Student Life)
Approved February 4, 2000 [Superseded Resolution 32-5]

29-11 Statutes and Reschooling of Academic Units within a College
Approved January 21, 2000

29-12 Resolution Accepting Senates Conference Modifications to Faculty Representation on Board of Trustees Resolution 29-7
Approved February 18, 2000

29-13 Multi-Year Contracts
not supported March 3, 2000

29-14 Resolution to Support Increase in Faculty Fringe Benefits
Approved February 18, 2000

29-15 Resolution to Revise the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Graduation Closing Requirements (pdf)
Approved April 7, 2000

29-16 Graduate Education Policy (pdf)
Approved April 7, 2000

29-17 Recommendation of Undergraduate Constitution Closing Requirements
(deleted and combined with Resolution 29-15)

29-18 Resolution of Accommodation Disputes (ADA Committee) [informational item only]

29-19 Resolution on Closure Between Christmas and New Year’s (Presented by the Staff Advisory Committee)
Passed April 7, 2000

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Resolution AY 1998/1999

28-1 Merit Pay Policy
Approved August 28, 1998

28-2 Resolution Creating Ad-Hoc Committee on On-Line Academics Courses Reporting to the Graduate Council and Undergraduate Council
Approved September 11, 1998

28-3 Resolution on Tenure Code Rollback
Approved October 9, 1998

28-4 Change in Degree Designations: Biology, Computer Science, and Management Information Systems
Approved October 9, 1998

28-5 Resolution for Report on Budget Planning
Approved October 9, 1998

28-6 Resolution Program Consolidation Deletion and Suspension (pdf)
[X-Ref. U A Bill 22-1 and U A Bill 24-3]
Approved November 20, 1998

Motion #1 Motion on S-3 Report
Approved February 5, 1999

28-7 Establishment of an Ad-Hoc Committee to Study the Operations of a Campus Bookstore
Approved February 29, 1999

28-8 Resolution Approving Program Transfer, Consolidation and Deletion (pdf)
Approved March 5, 1999

Amendment #1 Amendment to Resolution 28-8

28-9 Graduation Faculty Membership, Appointment, and Reappointment Process
(look at Resolution 29-3)

28-10 Sanctions Other Than Dismissal (proposed amendments to the U of I Statutes, Article IX, Section 5)
Approved April 30, 1999

Amendment #2 Amendment to Resolution 28-10

28-11 Resolution Creating Departments in the College of Public Affairs and Administration
Approved April 16, 1999

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Resolution AY 1997/1998

Motion #1 Motion on Bylaws

Motion #2 Motion on Interim Personnel Policy

27-1 Development Planning Committee Report

27-2 Faculty Interim Personnel Policy

27-3 Resolution Supporting the Institution of a Lower Division of Education for the University of Illinois at Springfield

27-4 Resolution Opposing House Bill 023 (Student Trustee’s voting rights)

27-5 Resolution Calling for the Change in Undergraduate Honors designations (pdf) at the University of Illinois at Springfield
Approved December 12, 1997

27-6 Resolution calling for Changes in Student Representation in the Campus Senate

27-7 Student Government Association Finals Week Resolution

27-8 Resolution to Change the University of Illinois at Springfield Campus Senate Bylaws – Membership and Elections

27-9 Resolution Calling for the Naming of the Homer L. Butler Student Center

27-10 Student Government Association Resolution for the Adoption of an SGA Logo

27-11 Student Government Association Resolution on Tuition Increasing

27-12 Request to transfer the Criminal Justice Program from the School of Health and Human Services to the School of Public Affairs and Administration

27-13 Resolution to Revise University Requirements Governing the Offering of Double Majors by Graduate Programs (pdf)
Approved April 10, 1998

27-14 Resolution to Endorse the UIUC Resolution to Retire the Symbol of Chief Illiniwek

27-15 Senate Bylaw Changes – Police Review Panel

27-16 University Statutes Changes

27-17 Revised Policy on Intellectual Policy

27-18 Resolution to Amend University Bill 11-2 University Guidelines Regarding the Issuance (pdf) and Time Limitations on Incomplete Grades at the Undergraduate and Graduate Level [X-Ref. Resolution 32-28]
Approved May 1, 1998

27-19 Faculty Personnel Policy

27-20 Siddiquee’s Resolution About Salary Increase

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Resolution AY 1996/1997

26-1 Procedures for Consideration of Program Deletion or Suspension (November 1, 1996 sent to task group on bylaw review)

26-2 Resolution to Establish an Organizing Committee for the Lower Division Curriculum
Approved November 15, 1996

26-3 Proposed Amendments to the University of Illinois Statutes
Approved March 21, 1996

26-4 Amendment to Campus Senate Resolution 25-5 on Domestic Partner Benefits
Approved December 6, 1996

26-5 Development Planning Committee Final Report [tabled on May 2, 1997]

26-6 unused number

26-7 Personnel Policies 1997-1998 Academic Year
Approved July 11, 1997

26-8 Academic Policies 1997-1998 Academic Year

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Interim Campus Senate and Faculty Senate Resolution – July 1995 through August 1996

25-1 Faculty Senate Resolution -Charge to the Freedom of Expression Committee
Approved July 10, 1995

25-2 Faculty Senate Resolution -Establishing a Developement Planning Committee0001
Approved July 24, 1995

25-3 Faculty Senate Resolution – Joint Resolution on Interim Governance
Approved October 8, 1995

25-4 Faculty Senate Resolution -Amend the Faculty By-Laws on Standing Committees
Approved September 22, 1995

Campus Senate Bill #25-1 A Bill to Establish a Constitutional Convention
Approved November 8, 1995

25-5 Interim Campus Senate Resolution – Same Sex Domestic Partner Benefits
Approved February 16, 1996

By-Laws Amendment 25-1 Changes to Article III, Section 2.A.a. – Election Timing
Approved March 29, 1996

25-6 Interim Campus Senate Resolution – University Senates Conference Restructuring [tabled at May 10, 1996 meeting]

25-7 Faculty Senate Resolution – A Resolution on the DPC Interim Report
Approved May 10, 1996

25-8 Faculty Senate Resolution – A Resolution on the Lower Division Proposal
Approved May 10, 1996

25-9 Faculty Senate Resolution - A Resolution on Doctorate in Public Affairs
Approved May 10, 1996

25-10 Interim Campus Senate Resolution – Joint Student Senate/Campus Senate Resolution on Student Affairs and Discipline
Approved August 9, 1996

25-11 Interim Campus Senate Resolution – Resolution to Change the Title of the Doctor of Public Affairs
Approved August 9, 1996

Amendment to Bylaws Adopted on June 21, 1996 to establish a Committee on Honorary Degrees – Approved August 9, 1996

Constitutional Amendment #1 Article II. Section 1. Establishment of Policy
Approved August 9, 1996

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