Commission to Review 


The Senate Executive Committee, in accordance with Article III, Section 2 of the Constitution of the Senate,  is conducting a comprehensive review of the size, organization, structure and operation of the Campus Senate during academic year 2016/2017. A Commission to review the bylaws and constitution has been assembled that includes the following members:

  • Hanfu Mi, Dean, College of Education and Human Servcices
  • Ranjan Karri, Associate Professor of Management, and Chair, Campus Senate
  • Betsy Goulet, Clinical Assistant Professor, Public Administration, and Vice Chair, Campus Senate
  • Eric Hadley-Ives, Associate Professor, Social Work,  and Parliamentarian, Campus Senate
  • Ann Strahle, Assistant Professor, Communication, and Secretary, Campus Senate
  • Tiffany Saunders, Lecturer, Sociology/Anthropology
  • Jorge Villegas, Associate Professor, Business Administraiton
  • Kurt Piskin, Natural Sciences Technical Assistant, Civil Service Representative
  • Raymond Barnett,  Admissions Transfer Coordinator, Academic Professional Representative
  • Austin Mehmet, President, Student Government Association, Student Representative


Issues that need examination:

Review the structure of the senate, senate committees, composition and charge of each committee

  • Are there some committees that have become redundant?
  • Are there any opportunities for restructuring certain committees, such as combining some committees that have an overlap?
  • Examine the composition of each committee given the charge of the committee and recommend the appropriate qualifications of members of the committee.
  • What is the workload of each of the committees?


Review whether the Constitutional provisions (and bylaws) are being adhered to.

  • Is the administrative assistance and budgetary support in line with the workload of senate committees?
  • Is the current practice of NIA distribution appropriate? Are there any other ways to follow Article II of the constitution (See below) leading to an equitable financial support (commensurate with workload) and effective governance?
  • Is there a process for approval of the expenditure of funds allocated to the governance system?


Article II

Section 7. Administrative and Budgetary Support

The Campus Administration shall provide for facilities, staff, and financial support for the operation of the Campus Senate. Expenditures of funds allocated to the governance system shall be subject to the approval of the Campus Senate ad the Campus Administration.