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Bike Share Program

What is the Bike Share Program?

A program provided to UIS Students, Faculty, and Staff to promote health and wellness on campus.  This program allows you to check out a bike with Campus Recreation for a maximum of seven days.  For the five days you can ride the bike anywhere you need to go on campus.

How does it work?

You check out a bike, a key, and a lock with Campus Recreation.  You will be able to ride the bike around campus for the duration you have the bike checked out.  When the day arrives that you are to return the bike you can return it to the Campus Recreation.  You will return the bike, the lock, and the key.  If you decide you want to keep the bike for another five days stop in at Campus Recreation and request an extension.  An extension may be granted only if no individuals are on the waiting list.

How much does it cost?

It is free to all UIS Students, Faculty, and Staff that have a valid i-card.