Group Fitness Overview

Group Fitness provides an opportunity to participate in a group setting that is both ENERGIZING & FUN. All workouts are designed to raise your heart rate and burn calories. Classes are offered five days a week and are taught by our qualified, energetic staff. We strive to teach the group while focusing on the needs of the individual. Whether you are a beginner or advanced level, you will get a good workout in the variety of classes that we offer.

All of our group fitness classes are FREE to Rec Members, Single-Use Pass holders and Multi-Use Pass holders.

**Martial Arts & Self Defense on Wednesday’s require registration as this is an advanced class.  Stop by TRAC Front Desk to reserve your spot today!**

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Class Descriptions: 

Boot Camp:  Join us for an hour of strengthening and cardio exercises targeting upper body, lower body, & everything in between!  This fat burning class will keep you moving the entire time, burning calories, & having fun!

Cycle & Strength: Come get your cardio and strength training in Wednesday mornings with Megan!  This class will start out on the bikes for the first half of class, and finish with total body strength training in the second half of class.  Grab your friends and start your day off right with Cycle & Strength!

Group Strength:  Join us for an hour of strengthening exercises targeting the lower body, upper body, & everything in between!  This class is a combination of body weight and free weight exercises designed to build strength.  One week will be upper body focus & core, the next Wednesday will be lower body focus & core.

Martial Arts & Self Defense:  Learn proven ways to defend yourself! You will be taught where to strike for maximum effect, how to escape when grabbed, and gain valuable confidence when dealing with a threatening situation – all in a fun, energetic atmosphere!

On TRAC:  This cardio blasting and strength training class will literally keep you ON TRAC towards your fitness goals!  Class combines cycling, interval training, sprints, rowing, and strength training as we boost your metabolism to be burning calories all afternoon long!

WERQ:  Join new Campus Recreation Instructor; Kayla in this wildly addictive cardio dance class, WERQ!  It is a fiercely fun dance fitness workout based on pop, rock, and hip hop music and fresh routines!

West Coast Swing:  Taking us back to the 1930’s when West Coast Swing started these instructors will take you and your partner through step by step instructions on how to sugar push, push break, side pass, step, & whip your way through the studio as you learn & have fun!  No dance partner?  Not to worry – our instructors will assist you as you dance the night away!

Yoga:  Fused with contemporary dynamic flow, this fluid practice links breath and movement, integrates inner and outer alignment, and balances strength with flexibility.  Start and end your day in the right state of mind with Yoga!  The other “Yoga” classes are all taught very similarly- some with additional meditation/breathing exercises.  (Vinyasa means “flow of the breath”)

Zumba:  Dance your way into a fitter you!  This class is a combination of Latin rhythms with cardiovascular exercise to create an aerobic routine that is fun & easy to follow!  {No dance experience necessary}