Fee Structure

Fee Structure

What you need to know about Memberships:


Can sign up for their membership using payroll deduction

Perpetual Memberships are available to Faculty/Staff who sign up for a membership with payroll deduction


Available to any individual who has graduated from the University of Illinois system and is a member of the U of I Alumni Association (Status must be verified through the U of I Alumni Office; verification is not guaranteed same day)


Family Memberships include eligible student/employee/alumni and spouse/partner and children

Children must be at least 16 years of age to use TRAC without an adult


An individual that has purchased a membership and has been sponsored by a current Rec Member (Associate Members can not sponsor other Rec Members); The membership is only valid for the duration of the sponsor’s membership

The sponsor need not accompany the Associate Member when using Campus Recreation facilities or to participate in Campus Recreation Programs and Services; The sponsor must be present at time of membership purchase

The purchase of an i-card is required to purchase a membership; an i-card request form can be picked up in the Campus Recreation Office

Only 100 total Associate Memberships are available

Affiliates of UIS are:

U of I Sister School Members

U of I Extension Office or location (any)

NIRSA Passport Holders

Lincoln Land Community College Student Living in UIS Campus Housing; (Status must be verified through the office of Housing and Residence Life; verification is not guaranteed same day)

NA= Not Available for Purchase

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