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Campus Recreation University of Illinois Springfield

Fee Structure


Membership Faculty/
Family Alumni Alumni
Associate Online Degree
Seeking Student
Previous Term
FT Student
Annual $456 $456 $798 $488 $488 $488 NA NA NA
6-Month NA $228 $399 $244 $244 $244 NA NA NA
Current Term NA $228 NA NA NA NA $228 $228 NA
(30 Days)
$38 $38 $67 $41 $41 $41 NA NA NA
$50 $50 NA $50 $50 $50 NA NA NA
Perpetual $38 $38 $67 NA NA NA NA NA NA
$5 $5 NA $5 $5 $5 NA NA $5
Winter Pass
(Valid until
March 15)
$75 $75 $75 $75 $75 $75 NA NA NA


What you need to know about Memberships:

Payroll deduction is available for Perpetual, Annual and 6-month memberships


  • Can sign up for their membership using payroll deduction
  • Perpetual Memberships are available to Faculty/Staff who sign up for a membership with payroll deduction


Available to any individual who has graduated from the University of Illinois system and is a member of the U of I Alumni Association (Status must be verified through the U of I Alumni Office; verification is not guaranteed same day)


  • Family Memberships include eligible student/employee/alumni and spouse/partner and children
  • Children must be at least 16 years of age to use TRAC without an adult


  • An individual that has purchased a membership and has been sponsored by a current Rec Member (Associate Members can not sponsor other Rec Members); The membership is only valid for the duration of the sponsor’s membership
  • The sponsor need not accompany the Associate Member when using Campus Recreation facilities or to participate in Campus Recreation Programs and Services; The sponsor must be present at time of membership purchase
  • The purchase of an i-card is required to purchase a membership; an i-card request form can be picked up in the Campus Recreation Office
  • Only 100 total Associate Memberships are available

Affiliates of UIS are:

  • U of I Sister School Members
  • U of I Extension Office or location (any)
  • NIRSA Passport Holders
  • Lincoln Land Community College Student Living in UIS Campus Housing; (Status must be verified through the office of Housing and Residence Life; verification is not guaranteed same day)

NA= Not Available for Purchase

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