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Guest Policy (Including Family Members)

All guests and family members must register at the TRAC Front Desk at each visit. The Rec Center member should know the guests s/he is signing-in. An eligible UIS Rec Center member may act as a host for:

a maximum of 3 guests per visit and/or unlimited guest family members consisting only of spouse (husband or wife) and/or dependent children (son, daughter, step-son, or step-daughter).

Note: Dependent children shall be those children or step-children under the age of 25 years supported by their parents and living in their parent’s residence.

Each guest must pay the guest fee of $5 per visit. (The guest fee shall be waived for pre-school children under 5 years.) Guests 16 years old and older shall submit a photo I.D. card to the recreational sports staff on duty upon sign-in. Guests may use the Arena but must be at least 14 years old to be in the Fitness Center.

The Rec Center member host is responsible for the conduct and behavior of the guests. The member host must remain in the company of the guests at all times while using the recreational sport facilities. When the member host leaves the facilities, the guests must also leave the facilities.

If the guests’ behavior warrants her/him being asked to vacate the facilities, the Rec Center member host must also leave. In the same manner, if the member host is asked to leave the facilities, the guests must also leave the facilities. Guests are not allowed to change member hosts during a single day’s visit.

Guests do not have equipment check-out privileges. The Rec Center member host is responsible for checking-out and returning equipment for their guests.

All guests must abide by all policies and procedures of the Department of Recreational Sports at the University of Illinois at Springfield.


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