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Campus Recreation University of Illinois Springfield

The Recreation and Athletic Center General Building/Conduct Policies


  1. A valid UIS icard is required for entrance into TRAC.  Any individual without a valid UIS icard who has been verified as an eligible Rec Member will ONLYbe allowed one entrance to TRAC each term.  Equipment cannot be checked out without a valid UIS icard.
  2. Patrons must have athletic shoes that are clean, non-marking, closed toed, closed heeled shoes.
  3. Dress Code
    • Acceptable Top: t-shirt, sweatshirts, full tank top (cover midriff)
    • Unacceptable Top: No shirt, bare midriff, sports bra
    • Acceptable Bottom: workout pants, sweatpants, gym shorts
    • Acceptable Shoe: Athletic Shoes (clean, non-marking, closed toe, closed heeled, shoes at all times)
    • Shoes must be worn at all times – The ONLYexception is during a designated group exercise/instructional class in the Multi-Purpose Room.  Special cycling shoes may be worn for cycling activities ONLY in the Multi-Purpose Room.
  4. Personal training by individuals other than Campus Recreation or Intercollegiate Athletics Staff is prohibited in TRAC. Contact Campus Recreation to inquire about personal training packages or to become a personal trainer.
  5. Only water and sports drinks are allowed and it must be in a plastic, closed-top container are allowed in TRAC Fitness Areas.  No glass items are allowed.
  6. The Department of Campus Recreation does not support, approve, or allow the use of supplements and/or additives in The Recreation and Athletic Center.  Individuals are not allowed to solicit or sell supplements and/or additives in Campus Recreation facilities or grounds.
  7. Tobacco use, consumption of alcohol (except at approved events), and use of illegal and controlled substances are not permitted.
  8. The use of video & photographic equipment (includes camera phones & video phones) is prohibited in The Recreation and Athletic Center unless approved by the Associate Director of Campus Recreation.
  9. The use of cell phones is not permitted in The Recreation and Athletic Center except in the arena (during athletic contests only), the Hoogland Atrium, and office areas.
  10. Disruptive Behavior: Anyone who is disruptive while using Campus Recreation facilities or during activities sponsored by Campus Recreation or Athletics will be asked to leave.  Violators may lose their usage privileges.  An Incident Report will be filed.
  11. Due to sanitation and health standards, participants are to eliminate excess saliva in the cuspidors provided (next to water fountains), not on sport facility surfaces or in trash cans.  We encourage the use of gym wipes after use of equipment.
  12. Any person damaging fixtures, equipment, or other property of The Recreation and Athletic Center shall be charged the cost of repair and replacement with the approval of the Director of Campus Recreation.
  13. Bouncing balls or usage of weights is not permitted in the hallways (carpet floor) or Hoogland Atrium.
  14. Jumping rope is only permitted in the racquetball courts and arena.
  15. Children must be supervised by parents/guardians at all times.
  16. Sparring-type activities are permitted only during supervised martial arts activities.  Protective equipment is highly recommended.
  17. Purses, backpacks, gym bags, umbrellas, and other personal items must be stored in a locker.  Locks are available for checkout at the Front Desk.  UIS and the Department of Campus Recreation cannot be held responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal property.
  18. The Recreation and Athletic Center is a service facility for Rec Members and their guests.  As such, it serves as the central location of most recreational and athletic activities.  It is not a public funded facility.  Area grade school and high school students are not considered guests of the University unless specifically invited or scheduled by the university and /or Campus Recreation and/or Athletics.
  19. Posting of all materials in The Recreation and Athletic Center shall be limited to items related to university business that assist the university mission.  Individuals wishing to post materials shall have them stamped with approval by the Assistant Director of Facility & Membership Services who will hang them in the appropriate location in the building on the bulletin boards in the building.
  20. Panhandling and/or begging are prohibited in The Recreation and Athletic Center.  Persons panhandling or begging should be advised that this is contrary to university policy.  Persons who continue to panhandle or beg after being advised of this policy shall be reported to UIS Police.
  21. Solicitation: Student groups on campus may use The Recreation and Athletic Center for solicitation with approval from the Assistant Director of Facility & Membership Services.
  22. Lost & found items will be kept by Campus Recreation for 30 days.  Lost & found keys, wallets, radios, and valuable jewelry will be turned over to the Bursars Office as soon as they are found.
  23. UIS i-Cards which are found in/at any Campus Recreation facility will be sent to the I-Card Center in the Public Affairs Building Room 108.
  24. Personal radios are not permitted unless used with headphones.  Music is provided in appropriate areas and is monitored by Campus Recreation staff.
  25. Bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, inline skates, and shoes with wheels must remain outside the building.
  26. Activities are to be performed in designated areas only and priority times for specific activities must be honored as scheduled.
  27. Animals are not allowed in The Recreation and Athletic Center (exception- “service” dogs).
  28. Please report vending machine malfunctions to the Front Desk.
  29. Profanity is not an acceptable form of verbal expression.
  30. The Director of Campus Recreation must approve shutting down The Recreation and Athletic Center due to weather related conditions.

FITNESS AREAS 1, 2, and 3

  1. Collars must be used on all free weights.
  2. Free weights and dumbbells are to remain in the main fitness area and on the lower level of The Recreation and Athletic Center.  Do not use weights on carpet floor.
  3. Please do not drop dumbbells or free weights on the floor.
  4. Individuals must be at least 14 years of age to use equipment in the Fitness Center.
  5. Chalk may not be used


  1. Throwing or kicking of baseballs, softballs, soccer balls and footballs in the arena is prohibited. Approved low trajectory, indoor soccer ball may be used on Court 3 only.
  2. No climbing on bleachers.
  3. No hanging on rims.
  4. No sitting, leaning, or placing items on base of portable baskets
  5. Patrons shall not set up or take down nets, poles, bleachers, etc.  Please contact the Facility Coordinator for assistance.


  1. It is highly recommended that eye protection is worn when playing racquetball or squash.
  2. All racquetball racquets must have a guard.
  3. Throwing or kicking of baseballs, softballs, soccer balls, and footballs are prohibited.
  4. Racquet sport participants can bring their own projectiles (i.e. racquetballs, squash balls, handballs, and shuttlecocks) or they can be checked out at the Front Desk.
  5. Patrons shall not move the walls or set up equipment.  Please contact the Facility Coordinator for assistance.


  1. Patrons shall not operate the sound or video equipment.  The equipment is to be operated onlyby Campus Recreation Staff.
  2. Sparring-type activities are permitted only during supervised martial arts activities.  Protective equipment is highly recommended.
  3. Shoes must be worn at all times except during approved classes instructed by Campus Recreation Staff


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