Online Bachelor of Business Administration Degree Overview


Photos of Business People and SituaitonsThe degree requirements for the online BBA are identical to the requirements for the BBA on campus.

  • Courses in the online BBA are equally rigorous and taught by the
    same faculty that teach in the classroom.
  • The curriculum is designed for online instruction.
  • Advisors will work with you to develop
    an optimal degree plan.

Two options are available for online BBA students:

The Business Administration Comprehensive option is designed for students who are interested in developing a broad-based education of the business enterprise through advanced study in the business functional areas such as finance, management, marketing, and operations management.

The BBA Management Concentration option allows students to develop the critical, conceptual, and interpersonal skills that are essential to employment in management positions in all types of organizations.

Both  options have the same requirements for the Foundation, College Core and Engaged Citizen Common Experience (ECCE). The difference is under major coursework in required courses and elective options. Please see BBA Major Requirements below for more information.

Foundation courses in accountancy, economics, statistics,  and advanced math (calculus or finite math) are required. A minimum grade of C- is acceptable in the foundation courses, and an overall Foundation GPA of 2.0 is required.

College Core* (21 hours)
MGT 310 Managing Organizational Behavior
MIS 352 Principles of MIS
BUS 302 Principles of Financial Management
BUS 312 Principles of Marketing
BUS 322 Principles of Operations Management
BUS 331 Business and Society
MGT 488 Strategic Management: The Capstone
*2.0 average required in core, C- minimum grade allowed except MGT 488 which requires a minimum grade of C.

BBA Major Requirements – Comprehensive (15 hours)
Upper Division Business (BUS) Course 3 hours
Upper Division Management (MGT) Course 3 hours
Upper Division Marketing (MKT) Course 3 hours
Upper Division CBM course** 6 hours
** e.g., ACC, BUS, ECO, MGT, MKT, and MIS


BBA Major Requirements – Management Concentration (15 hours)
At least one course from the following:
MGT 461   Organization Theory 3 hours
MGT 485   International Management 3 hours

Two courses from the following:
MGT 422   Negotiation 3 hours
MGT 431   Human Resource Management 3 hours
MGT 461   Organization Theory 3 hours
MGT 474   Leadership and Motivation 3 hours
MGT 485   International Management 3 hours

One upper division (300-400) MGT course 3 hours
Upper division (300-400) CBM course** 3 hours
** e.g., ACC, BUS, ECO, MGT, MKT and MIS

Engaged Citizen Common Experience (ECCE) (10 hours) 

Minimum Graduation Requirements (120 hours)
120 hours is the minimum required for an undergraduate degree with at least 48 hours of upper division coursework and 54 hours completed at a 4 year university.