Stories of Leadership lived

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  • Faculty: Leaders in their own disciplines, UIS faculty also support the university’s philosophy of leadership development by creating opportunities for student research and internships. They also share their expertise with the Springfield community in numerous ways, including researching public health issues, helping to restore endangered wetlands, and advising on new legislation.
  • Staff: The university’s 500 dedicated staff members form the core of the “right-sized, supportive community”, considered one of UIS’ key strengths. From advising students to keeping them safe to connecting them to area employers, the UIS staff provides the human infrastructure that supports student learning.
  • Students: UIS students embrace the university’s philosophy of leadership development. Some of the best ideas to enhance the student experience on campus have come from the students themselves. You’ll find UIS students mentoring their peers, creating new organizations, launching Greek life, passing referendums to support a new student union, or devoting countless hours to volunteering in Springfield.

Leadership is lived at UIS.