Majors with a GPA greater than 3.25 and one semester of residency at UIS may elect to participate in the Biology Honors Option.  In addition to the Biology and UIS requirements, honors students are expected to:

  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.25
  • Successfully complete the following courses:
    • BIO 302 Honors Seminar (1 hour)
    • BIO 402 Biometrics (4 hours)
    • BIO 400 Undergraduate Research (4 hours)
  • Present research findings in a formal paper and public seminar

Four types of undergraduate research will be accepted:

  • original laboratory project in a faculty lab
  • an analysis of a science public policy approved by a faculty mentor
  • an extensive library research of a pertinent biology issue
  • the development of a method or laboratory UIS greenhouse fareprocedure involving significant lab work

Students must apply for participation in the honors program to the program convener and obtain the approval of the faculty research advisor before beginning the program.