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Department of Business Administration University of Illinois Springfield

Justin Doup

Justin DoupJustin Doup, a Business Administration senior from suburban Will Country, completed an internship in Sao Paulo, Brazil over summer 2010. Justin was appointed to operate in the areas of English based sales, international procurement and vendor operations for JLC Direções e Câmbio Ltda., an automotive parts distributor in Sao Paulo specializing in the distribution and sales of power steering components for automobiles.

Justin shared some great photos – once his lost luggage was found along with his camera! Since Sao Paulo is the largest city in South America (over 10 million residents) and the world’s 7th largest metropolitan area, Justin’s panoramic shots are amazing. The city is famous for its skyscrapers and architecture that Justin also enjoyed photographing. One photo is of the Brazilian Stock Exchange/Bank of Sao Paulo that Justin visited.

In His Own Words

The opportunity that this AST in Brazil gave me was unique. I consulted and communicated (in English) with international and local vendors to locate and buy components for power steering assemblies—mainly Taiwan, Germany, United States of America, and Brazil. The circumstances were extraordinary because Brazil has the first sustainable bio-fuel economy, and it’s the first country in the world to operate most of its vehicles on ethanol-based sugar cane. As a result VW, Fiat, GM, Ford, and etc. produce most of these ethanol-based vehicles in Brazil. The demand for auto parts in Brazil is huge too for that reason. Moreover, Brazil is home to many manufacturing facilities and is the South American headquarters for large automobile groups.

Justin Doup

Justin Doup


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