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2016 BUS internship information handout

BBA students are the focus of Internship Inside Stories. Whether it’s working for Country Music Television, an international company in Brazil, or a local community organization, each story highlights a Business Administration undergrad’s experience on the job and his/her thoughts about the process and benefits.

Alyssa Wright recently completed an internship with Cargill, an international producer and marketer of food, agricultural, financial and industrial products and services in 65 countries.  She emailed our program:

“I can’t imagine how unprepared I would be entering the workforce if I had not had this AST experience. It is an advantage that will help me throughout my life and career. I have now attained a full time position with the company I interned for, and I look forward to learning more and advancing my career.”

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Intern Grant Guen at the Hospital Sister Mission Outreach under flags representing counties helped by the non-profit.
Intern Grant Guen at the Hospital Sister Mission Outreach under flags representing counties helped by the non-profit.

“I developed a deep understanding of why it is important to use my skills to assist others.  As I continue to further my career, my AST placement will always be something that I reflect on and cherish.”

Read more about Grant’s internship in his own words.

Intern Trent Norville at Jenner Ag with supervisor Darren Dalenberg.
Intern Trent Norville at Jenner Ag with supervisor Darren Dalenberg.

“Having a focus in management, the main emphasis of the internship was to work with all the department managers, store manager, as well as the CEO and owner of the company.”

Read more about Trent’s internship in his own words.


Supervisor Jennifer Sager and intern Nicholas Andersen, Illinois Department of Revenue
Supervisor Jennifer Sager and intern Nicholas Andersen

“Coming into this internship, I was lacking in experience in a professional business setting . . . I have learned through my hard work and support of my managers and supervisors that I can definitely succeed, and thrive, in a professional work environment.”

Read more about Nicholas’ internship in his own words.

Jalyle Taylor interned at Caterpillar for credit at UIS.
Jalyle Taylor interned at Caterpillar for credit at UIS.

“While here (at Caterpillar), I’ve been able to get great exposure to the field in which I hope to have a career.”
Read more about Jalyle’s internship in his own words.


Jacob Redlinger with his supervisor Joe Monahan
Jake Redlinger at UIS Athletics Media & Communication office with his supervisor Joe Monahan.

“One of the best decisions I’ve ever made … This internship was a perfect fit for what I hope to achieve in life.”

Read more about Jake’s internship in his own words.


Scott Cross, supervisor, and intern Phuc Ngoc Hoang, Enroll America Internship

Scott Cross, supervisor, and intern Phuc Ngoc Hoang, Enroll America Internship

“The internship brought me opportunities to grow all possible skill sets which would benefit me for my future career and have an insight of the American culture.”
Read more about Phuc’s internship


AST Wright

Supervisor Anne Dietz & Alyssa Wright
Internship employer: Cargill
“I would take this opportunity again and again given the chance.”

Read more about Alyssa

Megan Zumbahlen 3 Inc

Supervisor Ann Frescura & Megan Zumbahlen
Internship employer: Downtown Springfield, Inc.
“This AST experience definitely allowed me to get out of my shell and to apply what I learned in school to more real-life situations.”

Read more about Megan

Elena Shimanchik and supervisor Storm Edwards

Elena Shimanchik and supervisor Storm Edwards
Internship employer: Cromwell Radio Group
“Learning how to network was invaluable because many of those I met were business owners, or employees and managers within ADM and Caterpillar. I even had a few who told me to use their names as references when I apply for a job.”

Read more about Elena

Jill Gossett AST District 23A

 BBA student Jill Gossett
Internship employer:
District 23 Mercantile and Foundry to benefit the Cochlear Implant Awareness Foundation

“My Business Administration coursework, including courses in marketing, advertising, management and human resources, greatly enhanced the work I was able to accomplish during my internship.”

Read more about Jill

Kendra Tucker 4

Kendra Tucker & supervisor David Earhart
Internship employer: Springfield Chamber of Commerce

“Without this experience, I truly feel I would be at a disadvantage entering the workforce.”

Read more about Kendra

AST studentKatherinePalzer

Supervisor Alice Seaton and BBA student Katie Palzer
Internship Employer:
University Student Financial Services & Cashier Operations (USFSCO)

“I appreciate that an internship experience was part of my BBA at UIS because after completing the AST,
I feel more prepared to enter the workforce.”

Read more about Katie 

Justin Doup
Justin Doup
Internship Employer:
JLC Direções e Câmbio Ltda.
“The opportunity that this AST in Brazil gave me was unique.”

Read more about Justin



Jaleesa Earthley
Jaleesa Earthley
Internship employer: Springfield Urban League
Jaleesa choose to work at this community organization that’s vital to Springfield.

Read more about Jaleesa



Elizabeth Duggan
Elizabeth Duggan
Internship employer: Country Music Television
“Interning with CMT in Nashville has been the best experience of my life.”

Read more about Elizabeth



Elle Gronewold

Elle Gronewold
Internship employer: Illinois Dept. of Revenue
“From this experience I have gained knowledge and insight into tax issues and would not mind after college possibly applying for a job at the Department of Revenue. Overall this will be an experience I will not forget!”

Read more about Elle



Lance Millburg
Lance Millburg
Internship employer: SSC – Health Revenue Company
“My internship has truly changed my perspective on learning . . . opened learning up to an endless list of opportunities in all areas of life, which really enriches life.”

Read more about Lance

General Information

An internship  is required for BBA majors beginning under the Fall 2013 catalog and highly recommended for all business students using catalogs prior to Fall 2013. Up to 6 hours credit can be earned fulfilling the ECCE engagement and/or elective requirement. Internships provide practical work experience while applying theories and concepts learned in the classroom. In the past approximately one in four students has been offered a position with their internship employer. They are great resume builders too.

The process begins with resume preparation and interviewing techniques. Employers include business, government, community services, marketing, development, healthcare, personal service and many more. Most interns are 2nd semester juniors or seniors with a minimum of 12-15 hrs of completed upper division business coursework.

  • The UIS Internship & Prior Learning office has developed paid and unpaid internship placements in the Springfield area for UIS students.

Students who already work full-time may contact the IPL Office to discuss using their current employer for a possible internship placement.