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Outstanding Students

BBA Program Marshal – 2013

2013 UIS Commencement_n

  • Abby Vorreyer of Springfield, Illinois served as the BBA program marshal for the University of Illinois Springfield’s 42nd commencement ceremony held on May 11th, 2013. Each year the BBA program has the privilege to select one undergraduate student who is designated as marshal to lead the program’s graduates in the commencement ceremony.  This person represents the highest academic, professional and personal accomplishments expected by the faculty in the program. Congratulations to Abby.

Wayne & Margie Fox Award – 2013

  • The Fox Award targets an exemplary College of Business and Management undergraduate student who successfully completes an internship with a Springfield nonprofit organization.  Wayne and Margie Fox have made a generous $2500 award to the university with the intent to honor two students.
  • Jill Gossett AST District 23BJill Gossett, a Summer 2013  BBA graduate,  was honored as one of the recipients of the 2013 Fox Award. Jill completed her internship at District 23 Mercantile & Foundry, a store benefiting the Cochlear Implant Awareness Foundation (CIAF). The foundation was started in 2006 by Michelle Tjelmeland, herself deaf since the age of 25 and the mother of a daughter who is also deaf. Both are able to hear today because of cochlear implant technology. CIAF has provided help and recycled implant parts to more than 500 families in their search to find information and resources about the surgery.  After the success of the foundation, the retail store was the next step to help support the foundation and was opened on Macarthur Boulevard.The main focus of Jill’s internship at District 23 Mercantile & Foundry encompassed the buying and merchandising part of the retail business. Jill said that she  learned so much and enjoyed the experience immensely: ” I will definitely continue to volunteer at District 23. It is a great store, great people, and it supports a great cause.  I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with them.” Read more about Jill’s internship
  • Jill Harbison and Sinen Aydin , both BBA students, received the 2012 Wayne and Margie Fox award.FoxAwardphoto--200_000Business administration student Jill Harbison was awarded for her work with the Girl Scouts of Central Illinois. Jill assisted with development and facilitation of events, assisted with developing and maintaining outreach with churches and schools, cultural groups, and service and professional organizations to enhance visibility, fund raising, membership and program options for GSCI. She also maintained proper records and reports.  She participated in direct service to girls in a variety of in-school tutoring and scouting projects as well as presentations to develop troop membership.  GSCI is comprised of 7 service centers across 38 counties. It serves 20,000 girls and 5000 adult members annually.  Jill completed her undergraduate degree in May and is now a graduate student in the Public Administration program as well as a Graduate Public Service Intern with the Illinois Department of Healthcare & Family Services.
  • Business administration student Sinem Aydin was also awarded for her work for the Old State Capitol Historic site. She reconstructed its Facebook page and website especially implementing ways to make the site appealing to all cultures. She assisted in organizing and reviewing the annual report, created a survey for local businesses to analyze results of tourist activity, recruited volunteers, and assisted with summer event planning.  Sinem anticipates completing her degree in May 2013.
  • Wayne and Margie Fox were both reared and educated in central Illinois. Wayne graduated from Ball Township High School in Chatham with Margie graduating from Springfield High School. Wayne continued to further his education with an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering, and a Master in Business Administration from Sangamon State University (now UIS). Wayne started his career with the Illinois Commerce Commission, and recently retired as president of an out of state Fortune 500 gas and electric utility. During this time, Margie stoked the home fires and served as Wayne’s advisor and best friend, and mom to their only child, Justin, now married and living in the Minneapolis, Minnesota, area. Throughout their adult lives, Margie and Wayne have freely given of their time and resources to make their communities a better place in which to live and work. With this award, the University will be able to recognize those students who choose to give of their talent, time and acquired skills to serve the good of the community without expectation of monetary compensation. The Foxes hope to encourage and further that expressed sense of volunteerism on the part of the award recipient, into a lifelong practice. Wayne and Margie now make their home on Lake Tellico, near Knoxville, Tennessee.


2012-13 Business Scholarships

  • The Eugene and Elaine Wilkinson Scholarship: James Hill and Caitlin Crane.
  • The Paul M. Snodgrass Memorial Scholarship: Brittany Lambert.
  • The Gilbert N. and Frances G. Stein Scholarship: Raymond Dykstra and Brittany Lambert.

Among the 2012-13 BBA recipients for UIS scholarships were:

  • Sangamon State University Alumni Association Scholarship: Raymond Dykstra
  • Wilbur and Margaret Wepner Scholarship: Bilguun Amarjargal, Tyler Lau
  • UIS Scholarship (athletics): Barry Arnett
  • Byron Booth Memorial Scholarship: Christopher Berlinger
  • W. Robert and Patricia W. Felker Scholarship: Caitlin Crane
  • Sarah B. Towery Scholarship: Branden Everett
  • Northwestern Nutual Scholarship: Nikita Fadeev, Shannon Mitchell
  • Kerber Eck and Braeckel Scholarship: Vernon Gair
  • Sikich LLP Scholarship: Vernon Gair
  • James Stukel Scholarship: Paige Heiser
  • Rand Linton Megginson Memorial Scholarship: Taylor Jokisch
  • Evelyn Brandt-Thomas Scholarship: Chasidy Jones
  • Kent Weber Scholarship: Mark Mansfield
  • Ron Gibbs Athletic Scholarship: Shannon Mitchell
  • Brad and Jennifer Ward Scholarship: Nicholas Nasuta, Victor Salguero
  • Mallory Pate Memorial Scholarship: Benjamin Ralph
  • Staley Family Athletic Scholarship: Benjamin Ralph
  • Jack Marantz Memorial Scholarship: Dylan Sparkman

2011-2012 Business Scholarships

  • The Eugene and Elaine Wilkinson Scholarship for a Business Administration major: the recipient was Frederick Jackson, a BBA student.
  • The Paul M. Snodgrass Memorial Scholarship : the recipient was Dustin Dennison , a BBA student.
  • The Gilbert N. and Frances G. Stein Scholarship: the recipient was Lynette Duncan, a BBA student.
  • The Gilbert N. and Frances G. Stein Scholarship: the recipient was Chasidy Jones , a BBA student.

Among the 2011-12 BBA recipients for UIS scholarships were:

  • J. Douglas & Helen Craddock Memorial Scholarship: Ashley Tague
  • Evelyn Brandt Thomas Scholarship:   Courtney Klaus
  • Jack Marantz Memorial Scholarship : Chigozie Umeadi
  • Albert Inkel Memorial Scholarship:  Kelsey Blake, Abby Vorreyer
  • Thomas M. Eakman Scholarship :  Marquisha Adams
  • Hattie and Walter Putnick Scholarship : Barry Arnett
  • Illinois Association of Realtors (IAR) Athletic Scholarship: Barry Arnett
  • James Lundquist Memorial Scholarship :  Anand Bhat
  • Beverly Slabaugh Scholarship :  Cynthia Burns
  • Kent and Gail Weber Scholarship :  Carly Goede
  • Grace Brorstrom Oakley Scholarship :   Theresa Halpin
    Albert and Mozelle Narcisse Scholarship: Fredrick Jackson
  • Transfer Scholarship (UIS Scholarship unrestricted funds):   Anand Bhat
  • Wilbur and Margaret Wepner Scholarship :  Bilguun Amarjargal, Zachary Phillips
  • Howard C. & Lynda Y Humphrey UIS Scholarship:  Nicholas Lumley
  • J.William and Mary Schnirring – CBM Scholarship: Ashley Tague


Beta Gamma Sigma is the international honor society serving business programs accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International). Membership in Beta Gamma Sigma is the highest recognition a business student anywhere in the world can receive in a business program accredited by AACSB International. The society grants admission to the top 10 percent of the baccalaureate class and the top 20 percent of graduate students.

  •  BBA students inducted into the University of Illinois Beta Gamma Sigma honor society chapter in May 2013 include Lisa Campbell, Dustin Dennison, Diane Dunn, Brock Menold, Abby Vorreyer, and Elizabeth Voss.
  • Continuing members include Aprile Combes, Lawrence Crowley, Brett Gerger, Allison Hester, Richard Johnson, John Mayer, Mark Pfister, Laura Rabe, Charles Satterlee, Preston Searl, Robert Vansolo, and Ashley Wilson.